Friday, November 2, 2012

Brand To Know: EQUMEN Undergarments

EQUMEN™, meaning Equality for Men, is a company that improves how men look and feel, while still being a well-styled undergarment. From London to New York to Sydney, men from the worlds of business, sport, and fashion embrace the brand and appreciate what it does for their body. 
The media got quite excited too: one of the hottest launches to hit the shelves in 2009, EQUMEN'S™ range was named one of British GQ's picks of the year thanks to its cutting edge design and technology. It has been featured in major media outlets including Time Magazine, Men's Health, New York Times, Business Week, BBC Radio, The Guardian, The Times, Daily Mail, and on CNN, The Doctors, the Tonight Show, NBC, the Today Show and ABC News, just to name a few.
Created by a 40 year old man in 2007 that wanted to feel and look 10 years younger, EQUMEN™ is now proud to be distributed across several of the world's leading luxury retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Holt Renfrew, Selfridges, Brown Thomas and David Jones.
Technically-advanced compression garments had been developed to help athletes perform at their peak. Such garments were scientifically designed to increase blood flow to and from the muscles in order to improve performance, reduce the risk of injury, and accelerate muscle recovery.
Inspired By Elite Athletes
The inspiration of the line came from the sport category - specifically, the new compression garments designed for elite athletes. Just as in sport, modern men are subject to physical wear and tear - except on an everyday basis.
EQUMEN™ found that by incorporating athletic technologies into undergarments that could be worn under a business suit, casual wear or for sport, the average guy could benefit from such engineering. Genius. 

"I am very excited to be involved with EQUMEN™. The product's support is very unique and comfortable while working out or for casual wear."-Josh Bidwell Washington Redskins

Fusing Science with Style

I'm thoroughly impressed with the layout of the EQUMEN™ line, quite the stylish undergarment. In conjunction with a group of experts across the sport science, physiotherapy, and fashion industries, EQUMEN™ fused the physiological insights of advanced sportswear with modern styling to create patented undergarments that deliver against men's daily ergonomic needs. The result is a range of innovative products that truly advance the benefits men's underwear and can provide: improved posture, reduced back pain, and a more stable core. It also always you visibly to appear slimmer when wearing tighter clothing by acting as shape wear. 

The X-Stylez Blog puts EQUMEN™ to the test
I enlisted in the help of actor/model Jarret Janako to assist me in doing a product review. Jarret thoroughly enjoys working out and has to remain in shape for his profession, so I knew he would give a stiff critique. When first trying on the EQUMEN™ core precision undershirt with built in physiotherapy and helix mapping he said,
"It really holds everything in, very comfortable"
 Jarret Janako

 Front view

 Back view of helix mapping 

Jarret says,
" The core precision tank is a perfect fit, very slimming! I really feel the support in my back, I've never tried on a tank like it. Supportive undergarments are very important when working out and I think they've mastered it". 

I asked Jarret to demonstrate one of his favorite workouts (running) and as you can see from the pictures, the sleekness of the tank really allows him to focus on what he's doing rather than stopping in between sets to "re-tuck" his tank... we've all been there and after a while those droopy ribbed A-shirts just get old. Designed with ergonomic products, the seamless EQUMEN™ tank gets a pass from The X-Stylez Blog and intrigues us to try other products from their line like: the precision undershirt in crew and v-neck, precision underwear (brief and boxer-breif) and precision socks.  

Be sure to check out EQUMEN™'s website here to get better acquainted with their products.
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