Monday, August 27, 2012

[Trend Report] Men's STATEMENT RINGS

Recently, The X-Stylez Blog did a giveaway to three lucky readers in a contest for a "Statement Ring" prize pack curiosity of one stop shop, male fashion retailer TOPMAN. The purpose of this post was in effort to spread a little fashion for one trend that is sure to linger around our fingers for a while. 

The consciousness for fashion and style has largely increased in the recent days, and like women, men are also not an exception in wanting to make a statement with their fashion accessories. In order to cater to the fashion and style statement, there are increasing numbers of designer brands that are producing different items for both men and women. In today’s date, even men love to wear rings, and not your normal solid bands but detailed ones that are sure to be noticed. 

Popularity of "Statement Rings" for Men:
Celebrities and notable faces are the billboards of current fashion. In fact, many of us get a good sense of our style by channeling a popular figure in order to have comparisons for style advancement. Today's male fashion icons have more than embraced the statement ring movement.   

 Big Sean

Jeremy Scott in Adidas campaign 

Kanye West designer of the “Eye Am Not Alone” AMBUSH ring retails for $210 and can be purchased at Ambush retailers.

Justin Bieber wearing Rolex Ring. 

2 chainz wearing Dope Couture brass knuckle finger ring. 


Jay Z 

STYLE TIP: Put Rings On Different Fingers
Since there is an abundance in the availability of unique men’s rings at basically any retail store you shop, you can easily use mixed rings on different fingers to reflect your fashion forecast for the day. The rings can be of different designs and styles. The materials don't necessarily have to coincide (i.e all silver or all gold), in fact mixing textures is the best way to fully grasp the concept (plus even if you don't, it really makes it look like you know what your doing).   

For those of you wanting to try this trend and don't know where to start, here's a Statement Ring Starter Kit brought to you by The X-Stylez Blog

A. $10.00 Zip Ring via Topman 
B $16.00 Triangle Ring via Topman 
C. $24.00 Engraved Ring Pack via Topman 
D. $17.00 Double Dollar Ring via Asos
E. $17.03  Double Pyramid Eyes Ring via Asos 
F. $14.00 Pharaoh Ring via Asos 
G. $10.00 Serpent Ring via Urban Outfitters 
H. $30.00 OBEY 25HR Finger Ring via Urban Outfitters 
I. $16.00 Berkeley Ring via Urban Outfitters 
J. $40.00 The Dope Four Finger Ring via Dope Couture 

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

H&M Unveils 9 Giant David Beckham Statues

To publicize the second round of David Beckham’s underwear line for H&M, the brand has unveiled nine 10-foot statues of the soccer star.
There are six Beckham statues to choose from in NYC, as well as two in Los Angeles and one in San Francisco. The statues will be on display until Aug. 31.
In a statement he (Beckham) recently said:  ”I’m very happy that so far people seem to like it, and the first season was incredibly successful. The challenge is to keep it going and establish a brand that will last many years. That is my ambition.”

Stussy NYC For Converse ‘First String Pro Leather’ Shoes

The Converse Pro Leather, made popular by Julius "Dr. J" Erving and truly an iconic shoe, gets a plush design makeover by OG streetwear brand Stüssy. First String is the higher end designation of the Converse Brand and in turn Stüssy applied a patchwork of materials like denim and tartan plaid to the Pro Leather's familiar silhouette. Overall, the shoe is supposed to be an ode to "Americana," which is most blatantly seen in the USA flag patch on the corner of the shoe by the heel. 

The Stüssy NYC for Converse First String Pro Leather comes out August 25th. The price will run you $128. The kicker (no pun) here is that only 125 pairs (we're guessing 250 since there are two colorways) are being made. So good look getting these into your collection! Will you have a pair?
176 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012
            212-226-8493 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            212-226-8493      end_of_the_skype_highlighting      

Collection Critique: ALDO Velvet Slippers For Fall 2012

ALDO Shoes has released their fall line-up and aside from the normal pointed dress shoe and mid-wingtip boot, they have been playing around with texture. ALDO first introduced their "velvet concept" last fall with a hard bottom sole which I loved. Great reviews that led to the shoe being sold out within the first few months. They re-released its mates for this fall in other colors and patterns. However, they left out a key component... the hard bottom sole. Although I don't extremely dislike the newly released shoes, I'm not in love. To me softer soles on a richer material just lessen the quality of the overall look. 

I see where they were going, but don't meet me half way-- go all they way. ALDO does such a great job in recreating top designer shoes at affordable price points, but for me they missed the mark with this collection. 

ODEKIRK leopard slipper 

Take this leopard slipper for instance. For only $60, it's a STEAL. However, the components are just simple and give off no WOW factor. Had they lost the trademarked ALDO tag, gone with a more defined material like pony-hair (not brushed over velvet) and put a nice hard sole on it, I could easily see them pricing them at $230.00 and they would be flying off the shelves. Again, its makeup isn't horrible, but the shoe has the potential to be so much better! Aside from my thoughts, if your feeling it... GET IT! Affordable and decent leopard shoes are hard to find these days. 

For more finds on leopard slippers, check out my post: 
Men's Leopard Loafers: Get them before they become EXTINCT 

SPROULL skull studded slipper 

In person, the iridescent studding detail on this shoe looks amazing, but again it would be perfect with a firmer sole with small heel for support. I don't want a casual slipper, that's what loafers are for-- I want sleek! 

I believe the causal shoes listed before are fine the way they are because the stitching and elastic band imply that it's design is perfect for a comfortable slip on. 

DIEDERICH crimson 



Check out ALDO's first velvet slipper release in my past post:
DSquared Shoes Look For Less: Red Carpet Savvy, compare it to this new collection and let me know your thoughts. 

This hasn't turned me off from ALDO, they still have GREAT products! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fashion Friday: Reader Appreciation TOPMAN Ring Giveaway

Who said nothing in life is FREE? Leading up to a post on statement rings, I decided to jump the gun... and do a Blog Giveaway on this reemerging trend... hey, I'm in the giving mood! 

You have one of 3 chances to win one of the above packs of rings.. and all you have to do is answer a question from your favorite MALE FASHION BLOG! Since you've been reading along daily, this will be a no-brainer! 

  • Only one winner per ring (pack)
  • You must be a subscribed member of The X-Stylez Blog (located to right under archive section)
  • Must not be a designer from Feature Week 
Directions: I will ask 3 questions pertaining to last week's "Feature Week" blog posts. The 1st 3 fellas to correctly comment on this post with the question # will win the ring pertaining to that specific #. Also include your email address and instagram or twitter name along with your answer. 

 #001 List all the Feature Week articles in order by Archive #, Designer and Name of Brand. 

 #002 Outside of their own collection, which "Feature Week" company also has a collaboration 
           product with Rumbatime watches?

 (Note: If you have fat fingers, this isn't the ring pack for you because you will literally be like 
  OMFG trying to get them off--- ask me how I know, lol)

#003 Which two mainstream fashion events in NYC did one of last week's features attend 
           before launching their product (also include the company name)? 

Thank you again for reading! It's truly appreciated! 
Good Luck!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Look For Less: Pirates Gold

As some of us beloved "Watch Lovers" know, last seasons Michael Kors Spring Collection was all the rage it intended to be plus some. Although this MK golden stainless steel watch is fit for royalty with all the trimmings:

•Bracelet strap.
•42mm round bezel.
•Three-hand movement.

•Three sub-dials.
•Date window.
•Logo crown.
•Stop watch function, etc.

I've found a GREAT "Look for Less". The watch to the left is from ALDO. Not only do they have GREAT shoes, but they have a host of designer accessories at more than affordable price points. 

Slotnick watch from Aldo

This watch rings in at the register for $40, more than half of Mr. Kors. 

MK 8077

Although spending the $250 for the MK watch is a better investment, if you don't have
the funds, like to switch up your wrist jewelry frequently or your not really a "gold" person..... getting similar looks at a cheaper price are always better! I mean at the end of the day it tells time right?

Aw yeah I forgot to add: "YOU ARE NOW WATCHING THE THRONE" (lol) 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Safari Saturday

Styling Tip: When shopping for summer threads, get lost in a sea of prints that camouflage against the beauty of nature. HAPPY SATURDAY!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Feature Week-DAY 5: Archive 106 "Cheyenne Beam"

Everyday this week I will be featuring independent designers that contribute to the male fashion movement. Today, get identified with 'Reginald Beam's company "Cheyenne Beam".

Cheyenne Beam was finally launched a few months ago. Although it has been in the works for quite some time, what would you say has been the most rewarding experience in launching your line of men’s neck wear?

The most rewarding experience in launching my collection would have to be actually seeing people wear my pieces.  I know the struggles and sacrifices it took for me to actually launch this collection, so seeing people wear a finished product makes my heart smile.

Who is your target market?

I have something for everyone.  My target market is anyone who enjoys wearing unique yet affordable pieces.  Most of my pieces are nontraditional, but I do have a few traditional pieces within my collection as well.  Men, women, young, and older can all enjoy pieces from Cheyenne Beam.

Why bowties?

Before I designed this collection, I was actually on a desperate search for a leopard print bowtie.  I could not find one for a long period of time and when I actually found one, it wasn’t of good quality.  I figured that I wasn’t the only man looking for a bowtie that was a bit nontraditional.  I searched the internet and had no luck.  That is when I thought of Cheyenne Beam.  I’ve sketched since I was young and I have always known that I wanted to be involved with fashion.  Men are so limited to patterns and colors in the fashion industry.  I feel like we’re put in a box and I despise that.  Cheyenne Beam is only the beginning of what I plan to do in the fashion industry. 

This is true, I've having this struggle with affordable leopard pony hair slippers... maybe Harrison T Crite shoes are coming soon (lol). You have a lot of AMAZING designs! The overall style of your neckwear puts me in the mood of vintage bow ties from the early 40’s that men would wear on formal occasions to clamp on the wings of their tuxedo shirt. Although you have modernized the classic collar clamp bow tie with your fabric selections and hardware, why did you choose to take a non-traditional approach to your product?

I’ve always been a bit rebellious.  I never want to look like the next person and I love wearing statement pieces.  When designing this collection, I designed it for those people who want to stand out and be different.  Although there is nothing wrong with tradition, I’m growing bored with blacks, greys, browns, and blues.  Colors make me happy.

There is a lot of emerging bow tie designers in the wonderful world of men’s fashion. What makes your product so unique from the next?

My pieces are unlike any other products available.  That is the core of being unique.  My prices are also affordable.  Pieces are strategically priced from $35-$60.

What was the most challenging thing thus far when creating/ designing your exclusive neckwear?

The most challenging thing would have to be growing my brand.  Everything I do now is about continuously building Cheyenne Beam and getting my products seen as much as possible.

What’s up next for Cheyenne Beam? Are you solely primarily focused on bow ties or do you ever plan to venture out to possibly making matching pocket squares, neckties or even clothing?

I’m currently working on my next collection of bow ties, but I do plan to venture into other areas.  I’m not sure exactly how I’ll go about expanding my brand, but I am sure that it will happen.

Within the process of building your company, you’ve worked Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and the BET Network’s Rip the Runway fashion showcases both in NYC. How has being involved with these types of fashion forward productions helped brand your company?

The more experience, the better.  I learned so much working with those productions.  Being surrounded by people who are passionate, driven, successful, and fashionable is so inspiring.  I have networked with so many people in NYC and met some amazing mentors who inspire me daily.  It’s really a blessing to be given the opportunity to work with IMG Fashion and BET. Knowledge is power and working hands-on is the best experience anyone can have.

Starting up a business is not easy and it takes a lot of financial support to brand. Often the hardest part is marketing your product to your targeted consumer. What avenues would you say works best for Cheyenne Beam when it comes to promoting your product?

Social networks are amazing. People from all over the world connect with me via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  Although this is what works for me now, I am currently working on new marketing strategies to help build my brand. 

If you could choose any celebrity figure to promote your product who would it be and why? 

Kanye West would be my ideal figure to help promote Cheyenne Beam.  Kanye is not afraid to rebel against tradition and he proves over and over again how fashionable he is.  He is also very known.  He understands passion and how to create beautiful things and convey it to the public in a way that moves people.  My ultimate goal is to move people and help make people feel a little better about their lives.  It’s time to embrace change and individuality.

Where did the name "Cheyenne" come from?

My name is Reginald Cheyenne Beam.  A lot of people wonder how I came up with the name.  As a boy, I was always ashamed of my middle name and I never told people what it was.  Although this was a very small insecurity, I’ve accepted it and embraced it.  My ultimate goal is to bring as many people as I possibly can to that point.  We must all accept our insecurities or flaws and embrace them and grow from them.  That is what makes us individuals.  

To check out "Cheyenne Beam's"  full collection and to inquire about ordering, they can be reached via these outlets:  

Twitter: @Cheyenne_Beam
Instagram: CheyenneBeam
My Twitter: @reginaldbeam

If you have a product that contributes to male fashion or know someone who does, send a media press kit, press release or any helpful information to

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