Saturday, April 28, 2012

[STYLISH SATURDAY] The MIDTOWN MAN-- Clashing UP and DOWNTOWN styling inspirations

The upper echelon uptown man and the casually dressed downtown cat is like night and day. Although both men are capable of equally getting a stamp of approval for a stylish outfit, it's very easy to tell the difference...... and then there is the MIDTOWN MAN. He knows that there are elements to pull from both boroughs of Manhattan to Brooklyn and fuse them in a compelling moment of fashion fortitudeToday, I decided to dress as the MIDTOWN MAN

Often times there are items we want to wear altogether, but in fear that "they don't go" we opt to keep dressy elements with dress attire and toned down options with street wear. Well, my advice is that there is no fashion rule that says you can't mix the two. Write your own book. 

Being the Harlem Renaissance Man I am, I ventured out today to a local park to hang with friends. 

The Breakdown 

Downtown: OBEY snapback cap from Urban Outfitters-$9.99
Uptown: Brown tortoise shell trendy frames from UO-$14.99
Downtown: Gage earing from Hot Topic- $9.99

Downtown: Crimson KOTO leather jacket from UO- $9.99

Uptown: Vintage bowtie from an Estate Sale- $2.00
Downtown: Levis denim button down from UO- $9.99
Uptown- Vintage peak lapel tuxedo vest from a tuxedo shop- $19.99

Check out my post on: How to wear missed assorted bracelets

Uptown: Pinky ring from Beacon's Closet- $9.99

Uptown: Vintage briefcase- Free (Got it from my mom's boss when I was in Junior High school. He told me every man needs a good briefcase to go on job interviews. Your bag says a lot about you)--- and he was right! 

Downtown: Crimson Doc Martin combat boots from Macys- $40.00

Clashing your dress clothes with your dress downs is not such a bad idea. Although there is a fine line that can lead to a dead end, know your limitations. 

The Midtown Man

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

EXCLUSIVE 1st Look: Vans x Kenzo Sneaker

Iconic Parisian label, Kenzo teams up with Vans to create a hot look just in time for the summer. 
For months there have been talks about the collaboration and now official images have been released. Dates have not been set just yet for these kicks to hit the shelves however, we do know it will be sometime this summer... so we will just call this an EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK!

With tribal and navajo prints in the forefront of statement pieces this season, I'm sure these shoes are sure to sell out! #WeApprove Do you? 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


 Swiss watch and jewelry maker Swatch steps out into the lights with two new Swatch Touch, the trendy new digital timekeepers with big color LCD displays and a touch-sensitive zone for easy access to multiple times. Lit up like stars, the seconds dance across the screen. Constantly changing, alive, moving with the driving rhythm and the pulse of life, they are by far the biggest numerals on display. Catching emotion in the blink of an eye, they are the heart of the watch.

Inspired by the sounds and the rhythms of cities on the edge, Swatch’s designers have taken street-smart trends straight to the wrist: Swatch Touch blends the Swiss brand’s flair for on-trend colors with sharp, easy-to-read colour touch displays and high-tech timing functions. The case, 39 mm wide and 52.5 mm tall, provides plenty of space for the big, brightly lit display. Both new models pack a powerful mix of contemporary trends and advanced digital technology. The first is the stylish black and grey skull-patterned Swatch Touch Skull and the second a star-studded purple and white beauty, Swatch Touch Star.

The high-tech touch screen gives Swatch Touch owners easy access to six digital functions: time (2 zones, t1 & t2), date, chrono, alarm, timer and beep, using finger-taps and sideways scrolls. The curved plastic glass display and colored LCD present Arabic numerals in a big, stylish font drawn to make the most of the watch’s shape, and the screen’s built-in back light assures easy readability at all times. Swiss-made quality and ergonomic design—the watch head and strap are perfectly integrated—make every Swatch Touch a joy to wear.
--- @via Swatch

 Swatch Touch Star - $140.00

Swatch Touch Skull - $140.00

Shout out to fellow X-Stylez reader Austin Miller of Iced Media  for sending me this post to share!  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Bathing Ape x Mark McNairy Camouflage Saddle Oxford

Where is my checkbook because these are SOLD (like people really use checks these days outside of rent).

Following up to last year’s highly successful camo desert boots, Mark McNairy once again lends his skills to help design another pair of shoes made exclusively for popular fashion mogul, A Bathing Ape. This time around he has chosen a saddle oxford shoe as a model and manufactured the upper from a lightweight canvas presented in the classic BAPE Green 1st Camo colorway. The saddle strap features textured leather which has been applied to give extra support around the lace area with white eyelet openings accompanied by a white sole. The marsh-up of camouflage against leather makes a great contrast. Set for release soon at BAPE stores worldwide, the A Bathing Ape x Mark McNairy 1st Camo Canvas Saddle shoe has been given a Japanese retail price of ¥40,740 JPY (approximately $507 USD). What do you think about the shoe? Worth the price?

Here are the camo deserts boots from the last release

Monday, April 16, 2012

On the scene: Justin Bieber in Balenciaga Patchwork High-top Sneakers

Fly guy, Justin Bieber stepped out of his chrome 2012 Fisker Karma (Sick Car) with his style game proper. He wore a gray snapback cap turned backwards as he matched a yellow graphic printed t-shirt with a pair of multicolored Balenciaga patchwork high-top sneakers ($595), and skinny jeans. Justin knows how to make his street style work for him. #WeApprove, do you? 

If you want some colorful kicks on a budget, check out The Official Creative Recreation website here.

P.S----- Here's one more look at the whip


On the Scene: Chris Brown spotted wearing Undefeated Mascot

Chris Brown stepped off the plane at the Smith Airport in Sydney Kingsford, Australia with girlfriend Karrueche in tote wearing a blue Undefeated Mascot pullover hoodie ($92), grey Undefeated Mascot fleece sweat-shorts ($58), and black and white Air Jordan 12 Retro sneakers ($160), which are scheduled to release April 21, 2012 (but of course Chris has the exclusive hook-ups).

The Breakdown

I personally like the Undefeated Mascot Letterman jackets.

 Check out their official website here.

Pierre Balmai Multistrap Sneaker

Pierre Balmain has just released their concept of a mulitistrap sneaker. These sheepskin leather high-tops retail for $625 and feature velcro straps on the ankle and middle, white metal eyelets with laces that cross on the sides, zipper closure on the back, and rubber soles with stud detail at the heel. The white color makes it transfunctional for the spring and summer. What do you think of this shoe?  

Friday, April 13, 2012

Feature Friday: Barbarian Agency

Last month I had the opportunity to style for a spread in Prince Magazine, an online men’s fashion publication launching this spring. One of the places I pulled from was The Barbarian Agency located in the Tribeca area of NYC. Check out an overview of the showroom and an interview with Barbarian’s Brand Director Steve Trayner in this [FEATURE FRIDAY] blog post. 

Why Barbarian? What makes you stand out from being just another NY showroom?

We believe in 4 things. Immaculate product, a Compelling story, strong infrastructure and a founding team we like to work with. I think many showrooms or agency's take on brands with none of those reason or only some. We think it's the formula for long lasting success and something that also sets us a part. If we can tell a great story through brilliant product that inspires an emotional response we've done our job.

So tell me a little about the Barbarian Agency? 

We aren't just a showroom. We market and communicate through the different mediums of story telling. Digital PR, traditional PR and really innovative ways of marketing that in the end takes intangibles and make them tangible. We're a brand building agency really. 

Who would you say is the main target market your showroom appeals to? Why that demographic?

We sell men's and progressive contemporary at that. Our customer is younger and interesting. I'd say 18-40 year old men are our customers.

What goes into the selection process for a potential client?

If they have immaculate product, a compelling story, strong infrastructure and a founding team we like along with brand alignment we're in.

Any exciting new lines for your spring showroom merchandise?

Well I'm also excited about, Swear, Ksubi, Tsovet, Property Of and Oliberte. 

I noticed the decor of your showroom is very rustic. I really like the contrast of your nature inspired showroom juxtaposed to the city life ? 

Actually, we just moved so our new space is far from the last space. It's exposed brick, white wood floors giant and open. We have a bar in the space and the ability to build a foundational support for our brands with SPACE in NY. It's rare and we're excited about it. 

(I'll be sure to check out the new space and update the blog in a future post).

There are a lot of GREAT accessories and clothing pieces here for men. Where can these brands be purchased?

Bloomingdales, Opening Ceremony, American Rag, Scoop, Gap 1969 just to name a few. 

To switch things up a bit, tell me about your personal style. What makes Steve, Steve?

 I love a good button up a good pair of jeans. I think simplicity is best, while at the same time making a statement within what is comfortable. I always want to be put together and appreciate things that are more timeless. Style is fun because it's always evolving. 

What was the most popular piece in your showroom last season? 

It was the hiking boots, wedge sole men's oxfords and waxed canvas briefcases. 

What fashion forward looks would you say men should expect this spring?

Look for loads of color. In Trousers to socks to shirts to shoes. I'm already gearing up!

Here are some additional pictures of the great shoes featured in the showroom:

Here are some of the select clothing options I liked from one of the featured showroom designers B. Scott (I could see myself wearing every piece from this collection):

Detailing on the back of a simple two-tone button down

Feel free to check out the Barbarian Agency’s official website here. Which pieces did you like best from the showroom?