Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kanye West wears a skirt for 12-12-12 concert performace

The 12-12-12 concert was filled with big names and fabulous performances. But it was Kanye West or shall I say Kanye's skirt that was the talk of the show. Ye' paired his high fashion leather kilt over his signature leather pants with a side slit Givenchy hoodie. The kilt skirt swayed back and forth as Mr. West performed hits like "Gold Digger" and "Touch the Sky". But it was twitter that continued to steal the show after Kanye's performance as his bold fashion choice shocked fans.
One twitter user quipped: "Kanye must have swapped suitcases with Kim Kardashian."
But Kanye's skirt had the last laugh when it joined Twitter and racked up over 1,000 followers by morning:
"Nothing but the finest pleather money can buy. Yeah, I'm fly," Kanye's skirt tweeted.

His girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, tweeted, "Awwwwwwww I'm so excited right now!!!!! He looks so cute!!" (We have to assume she was talking about Kanye.)
But other commenters weren't so into his leather-look kilt-like outfit.
Among the wisecracks:
- "'Wear this black trash bag as a skirt. Then, just kinda run around the stage scaring white people' - Kanye West's manager before the show"
- "Maybe a new item from the Kardashian collection?"
- "Kanye West looks like the episode when Steve Urkel became a cheerleader!!!!"
But some liked it:
"I love that @kanyewest went from pink popped collars to leggings and kilts in 10 years and he's still on top of the game," wrote one fan.

I just couldn't let this topic go and knew I had to blog about it. I commend Kanye for taking this risk however, he's not the first to rock the look. Fashion ICON and designer Marc Jacobs has been sporting the trend for years. 

Kanye's styling is a little more my taste. Urban meets high fashion. The "I just threw this on" effect. Although I don't see this trend showing up on men around the country the next day as a new Jordan release would, Kanye is definitely breaking barriers by evolving into having his own sense of style by not caring what people think (got to respect him for that). I'm not bold enough to wear a kilt, not really "my" style but I do appreciate's fashion. I get it, I get it.. men aren't suppose to wear skirts but I guess I'm biased because Ye' can do no wrong in my book, the man knows what he's doing. What do you think? 

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