Tuesday, October 9, 2012

GQ Blogger Bar Powered by Diet Coke

During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, GQ Magazine held a "Blogger Bar" at Dream Downtown powered Diet Coke

Upon entering I was intrigued by the building's decor. I thought the door greeters were a nice added touch. (You can never go wrong with stylish and friendly door greeters to set the tone for your event.) 

The purpose of the Blogger Bar was to serve as a "wind down" location between fashion week shows at Lincoln Center..... and wind down is just what I did! After being directed to the area where the event was held, I was able to sit down and partake in enjoying a Diet Coke (out of the newly designed bottle) and grab a GQ September Issue (which I had previously read). 

As we know in the world of fashion, September issues set the precedence of style for the coming Fall season. GQ offered a double cover featuring football's holy man and New York Jets' quarterback Tim Tebow plus Carolina Panther's rookie Cam Newton. Some of my favorite things this issue offered were the Top Picks of the best coats for this season, Fall Watches-- Go Big or Go Home, and the association of "Geezer Style" featuring GQ's own Justin Doss and Mark Anthony Green. 

While panning over the second cover story, I enjoyed a turkey club sandwich, salad....
and of course another Diet Coke. 

 While there, I also did my research on the launch of the newly designed limited time only Diet Coke Bottle. The latest evolution in Diet Coke's iconic "Stay Extraordinary" campaign features a modern new look and updated graphics on an aluminum bottle. Ironically, the new release of the Diet Coke bottle goes simultaneously in hand with Fall Fashion. "Fall is a time for new looks and renewed energy and Diet Coke's new campaign and can design celebrate just that", says William White, group brand director of Diet Coke and Coca-Cola North America. If you consider yourself a style guru you know that accessories have the power to bring your entire look together. Diet Coke also believes in this theory while providing dazzling finishing touches on their product. 

 Gift Bag: Info card, lip balm, mirror and mints. 

One of the highlights of the entire "Blogger Bar" experience was getting interviewed by Jennifer Stocker, current director of Creative Services for GQ Magazine on a piece that they were conducting on "What makes YOU Extraordinary?" She is extraordinary within her own right as having a background working with Condre Nast Publications for over six years as well as the former Merchandising Manager for Lucky magazine. Wearing a "Sail to Sable" tunic from her own line (lifestyle brand that is connected too the sun and sand), Jennifer was very candid in offering help and being available to answer any questions. 

I had a great time! 

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