Monday, October 8, 2012

Male Street Style: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week September 2012

For the past two seasons of MBFW, The X-Stylez Blog has been capturing male street style at New York's Lincoln CenterThere are only two times a year where men are able to set the tone for the next season's latest fashions on a platform as big as fashion week itself. This fall's fashion season is focused on making a style statement. If you were an X-Stylez Man on the move in NYC during fashion week, you had a couple of elements to accompany your personal style. Not only was your ensemble one that turned heads and begged for a photo-op, but you set the predicted fashion forecast for the coming months accompanied with statement accessories--a go-to bag, bold color, various camouflage accents, trendy eye wear, fashion lids, outrageous prints and stylish shoes!

Statement Accessories// Accessories set the tone for any ensemble. They are the punctuation marks that complete the sentence (wait..... I think I just said something EPIC lol). "Punctuate" your fall accessories bins with watches, bracelets, statement rings, bold necklaces, collar accents, buttons, fancy phone cases, pocket squares and bow ties. 

Jamal Jackson of Dresscode NYC

The Go-To Bag// It's almost impossible not to carry a bag these days unless your day is very short. But for the average fellow our "Go-To" is just as, if not more essential than our ensemble. A nice bag will turn the simplest outfit into effortless style. The fall bag forecast consists of canvas backpacks, male portfolios (fashion clutches), briefcases, weekend duffles, and shoulder strap totes with leather accents.

Marcus Barret of Marcus John LLC (designer of avove bag)

Jonathan Valdez, of Orange Juice and Biscuits

Bold Color// What's not to love about color? It's the perfect focal point to any outfit. This fall brighten up the room upon entering and as celebrity clothing designer and socialite Chris Benz proves, your clothes aren't the only parts to your wardrobe that could use color. 

 Chris Benz

Reginald Beam of Cheyenne Beam bow ties.

 Chris Bosh

Camouflage Accents// Camouflage is the new black! In essence it goes with everything. Just a pop of camo is enough to make a great outfit. Don't over do it because then we wouldn't be able to find you (ha... I crack myself up sometimes... knee slapper).  

Trendy Eye Wear// Your fashion frames are the finishing touch to your outfit. Tortoise shell glasses seem to be the leading print for the fall. Whether it's a clear frame or tinted shade, trendy eye wear is a must have for a man of style. 

Fashion Lids// Your lid is the brain of the outfit. It sets the stage for the other components to showcase. A classic staple that is one of my personal favorites is the wide brim fedora. Whether it's a tweed driver hat, a D.I.Y. sharpie decorated baseball hat or an all over spiked cap.... don't hesitate, cap off your "lid".

Justin Doss, Fashion editor for GQ Magazine.

Outrageous Prints// Patterns on patterns on patterns. Indulge your closet with aztec, tribal, floral, watercolor splatter, African and animal prints. Don't be scared to have a happy hour and mix and mingle your favorite prints for an outrageous style statement. 

 Len Burton, Model for American Eagle

Ty Hunter, Beyonce's stylist 

Stylish Shoes//  For most of us men, we get dressed from the shoe up. Women know a man with a nice pair of shoes has great taste. Great taste for next season consists of spiked loafers, velvet slippers with motifs, oxfords, wingtips, sporty sneakers, desert and dress boots.

Styling Tip: For a more rugged look, don't go pulling out the shoe care.... let your shoes get rough and dirty. Actually wear them! 

Kwasi Kessie (right), Wardrobe stylist for The BET Network.

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