Saturday, September 8, 2012

NYMBFW Arise Magazine Fashion Show Presents: Ozwald Boateng Spring/ Summer 2013 collection

So if you don't know who Ozwald Boateng is you have clearly been living under a rock. This British fashion designer of Ghanaian descent is world known for his keen eye for men's suiting and putting a trademark twist on British tailoring. Inspired by his father's suits, Ozwald opened up his first suit shop on Savile Row at the age of 23 offering 'bespoke couture'. Recognizing the potential that English tailoring could have on the world's fashion scene, Ozwald Boateng staged his first catwalk presentation during Paris Fashion Week in 1994 introducing "Classic with a Twist" to the world and becoming the first English tailor to do so. Since then he has been on the rise.  
I was recently contacted by a member of his PR team  to guest blog for his show. Luckily, I was at my desk reading via my laptop because had I been out on my phone, I probably would have dropped it. Ozwald's clothing is the epitome of Men's Fashion.... what an esteemed honor! I mean the man has collaborated with Givenchy to say the least...aaahhhhhhh.   
FIVE designers showcased for the ARISE Magazine Fashion Show during its annual gala extravaganza this September at the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week 2012: Gavin Rajah, Maki Oh, Tiffany Amber, Tsemaye Binitie and saving the best for last, Ozwald Boateng
His collection was a juxtaposition of bright colors with neutral undertones and creative detailing.  Of course the tailoring seemed as if an assembly line of seamstresses were backstage adjusting models until the very minute they were unveiled onstage. I was most impressed with the pieces that catered to African prints. I'm all about creative prints of expression when making fashion statements and if I were styling a celebrity client and wanted them to stand out on the red carpet.... Ozwald would be the first call I'd make. It's one thing to watch his show online and see pictures as I have done in the past, but it's another thing to see it in person from the front row.... AMAZING.Take a look at his Spring/ Summer 2013 collection below:
Check out the added accessories/ props. 

 Joshua from Street Etiquette


In closing Ozwald Boateng says,

"I want to support the important work ARISE is doing for African fashion. It's good to help bring the stylistic messages of the AMFW experience of Lagos to New York. I have a good following in the States and have showed solo at NYFW three times...If you're interested in the American consumer. NYFW is where it's at."
----I couldn't agree more...NYMBFW is where it's at! Thanks again to Ozwald Boateng and his team for this wonderful opportunity! 


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. As a photographer, I appreciated the visual of the prints and the bold, bright colors Ozwald used in his current collection. The red sweater is amazingly made coulld be worn so many different ways. The Shoes were a perfect match for the exposed ankles and tailoring of the peices. I am inspired by this post and your fearlessness!

    Much Love

    1. Indeed the red was one of my favorite pieces! Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!

    2. And let me not forget to mention how hot the models were. My camera was turning on by itself!

  2. Those African Print Blazers.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. Congrats on all of your success in the styling industry. I'll add you to my blog list. Please return the favor.

  4. "classic with a twist" perfect description!

  5. Lovely stuff but don't ever try to avail of the 'couture service'
    I tried to get a tuxedo made for my wedding in Midnight Blue, none of the fabrics were in stock...I asked them to source me some more,..they never even got back in touch
    I had a beautiful suit made elsewhere but foolishly ordered some bespoke shirts from Oswald .....the SLEEVES WERE 2 INCHES TOO SHORT!
    It took TWO HOURS OF ARGUMENT IN STORE to get them to agree to remake and they guaranteed they would be shipped to me in Australia in time for my wedding.....THEY TURNED UP TWO DAYS AFTER MY WEDDING