Friday, September 14, 2012

Speedos vs. Swimming Trunks

For men, picking the right swimwear can be tough. Choosing between skin tight Speedos or baggy swimming shorts when planning your holiday wardrobe can be a real headache. Do you go for the Speedos - tight, streamlined and showing what you’ve got, or the swimming shorts - baggy, relaxed and a bit more conservative?

Speedos are a swim brief often referred to as budgie smugglers or a racing brief. These terms refer to any "brief" style male swimsuit such as those worn in competitive swimming and diving

Speedos are made of a nylon and spandex and like underwear briefs,they feature a V-shape front and a solid back providing form-fitting coverage. They typically are worn below the lower waist and are generally secured by thin banding at the upper thighs and either a drawstring around the waist or an elastic waistband

Swimming Trunks
Swimming trunks are made of nylon with mesh meaning that they are fast drying. This is an advantage to you if you are planning a pool side retreat where you will be jumping in and out of the swimming pool. There’s nothing worse than lying around sunbathing in wet shorts.

As these shorts are tighter, they may also be better for you if you’re planning to do some serious swimming on your holiday. Swimming trunks are more streamlined than board shorts, reducing drag and allowing you to cut through the water with ease.

Swimming Shorts (Board Shorts)
Swimming shorts, also known as board shorts, also make a great choice. They’re longer and baggier than swimming trunks, providing greater comfort as well as being more practical for surfers or water sports enthusiasts.

Swimming shorts also tend to be popular with younger people. Paired with a t-shirt or vest they can easily pass as standard shorts meaning that you can make the transition from beach to bar with ease.

The Verdict
Really, choosing men’s swimwear all comes down to your own personal preference of choice. If you prefer something more relaxed, then swimming shorts or board shorts might be the ones for you but if you’re working on your tan or planning on doing some serious swimming when you’re on holiday, Speedos could be the better and more practical choice.

Choosing men's swimwear doesn’t have to be a minefield - by thinking through what you’ll be doing you can easily choose the right swimwear for you and impress the ladies at the same time!

Know what works and looks the best on your body! 

Guest Writter: Catherine Moraru