Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to upgrade your loafers on a budget RE-LOADED

I felt as though it was time to change the patch I put on my loafers a few months ago.
I found this patch at Who.A.U for $10. They have the best patches for creative projects. 

How to upgrade an old pair of loafers on a budget <----The steps are basically the same as in my prior post, but with just a few added ones that I've learned from doing this before.
Step 1: As you can imagine once I took off the patch there was left over residue, so I used sharp scissors to get it off. 
Step 2: After getting leftover residue off, I used a lint roller to clean up. 
Step 3: I didn't make it completely perfect because I'm going to put another patch right over it. 
 Step 4: I placed the patch in the desired spot and added stitch witchery in place to anchor. 

Step 4: A cloth was placed over so heat wouldn't go directly on shoe. (Newly added step)
 Step 5: STEAM IT UP! (Newly added step)
 Step 6: 1st shoe complete! 
Step 7: Use a ruler to align with 2nd shoe (right) and repeat steps 1-6. (Newly added step)


The above loafers were purchased at ALDO SHOES last season. They have a new version available online and in stores now. 

Try this D.I.Y project and send  pics ( and get featured on the blog

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  1. Hey is there a link to the store that sales those patches? Great idea ! THANKS FOR SHARING!


    1. Their website is under construction which is why I didn't link it however, is always a good resource for unique items for arts and crafts projects. Try this link for some cool military patches that would look great on a pair of shoes