Friday, February 24, 2012

Chris Benz Interview: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

I had the opportunity to briefly chat with clothing designer Chris Benz at his "invite only" event during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. As a noted designer who has had articles in ForbesW Magazine, The New York Post, Vouge UK, The Wall Street Journal and more, I felt it was only necessary to get his take on male fashion.

 Due to the amount of press at this event I kept the interview short by asking 5 key questions.  

What would you say would be the must have "key" item any man should have in their closet?

I would say a blazer. In fact I'm wearing a navy blazer today and I love it, its the perfect throw on item. 

As a fashion designer what 3 items would you say every man of style should own when putting together the perfect outfit.  

Again I would definitely say a blazer, a nice dress shirt and a good pair of jeans. That's your outfit right there....comfortable chic. 

What would you say would be your favorite print right now when going into your closet and grabbing something to wear?

I would definitely say plaid. In fact I'm wearing plaid today. (laughs out loud)

Lets talk about hair. I see your rocking your trade marked colored hair. What inspired your the lighter pink look on today, I'm use to the hot pink?

I decided to switch it up. I'm a designer so I like unique things. Hair is a statement and my signature. It speaks about your personality. Find out what things you like to make statements in and incorporate it in your daily wardrobe. 

Other hair looks from Chris Benz

Hot Pink


Marsh-up of pink and blonde


Lastly Chris, this event has me feeling like I'm in the 1960's era and it's Christmas time. I love this collection what would you say is your inspiration.

We are really in the mood for dressing up, holiday cheer, Christmas time. Lots of reds, greens, gold's and metallics. I mean that's what the holidays is all about right?
Indeed that's what dressing for the holidays is about! The collection that was shown at this event was from his women's collection however, if interested in looking at for gift giving ideas for the special lady in your life........check out his official site here

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