Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The X-Stylez Blog moves to NYC

This time last year I made up my mind that I was moving to NYC and a year later... I'm here. It's very important to set plans and goals for your life and follow through. Why NYC? Why not. This is where fashion is...where dreams are made...where talents are appreciated... and where hustling and hard work pay off. 

My Day: Today I had orientation with IMG and Swiss Post Solutions on my duties for fashion week. I wore a 3 piece pin-stripped brown suit.

Not going the for traditional business attire look, I coordinated the suit with a patterned dress shirt from The Gap (purchased at a thrift store for $3.00) and a vintage bow tie that I purchased at an estate sale (a box of 10 vintage bow ties for $10--- a steal). Estate sales are great to go to for great finds. I call them upscale thrift stores. To find estate sales in your area click here for the official website. 

When checking the weather this morning and seeing chances of snow, I pulled out the good ole infinity scarf. This was purchased at Forever 21 last year but you can purchase one here at for $18.00 

Finger-less gloves are the way to go when your an X-Stylez man on the go and need instant access to your phone in inclement weather. They can be found at any trendy store. These were purchased at The Gap on sale for $9.99. 

Mixing bracelets and stacking them gives an extra flare to any outfit. I normally match them with what I'm wearing (in this case brown and teal) however throwing in a pop of color never hurt anyone. Bracelets are everywhere, collect wherever you go. They come in handy. 

In the winter time trench coats are essential for full body warmth. I snagged this on sale at Target for $40 from the Issac Mizrahi collection. Issac has left Target to design for Liz Claiborne so I had to get a piece. You can still catch a few unsold pieces from his collection on ebay. 

My Vision going forward: Now The X-Stylez Blog has the capacity it needs to be able to deliver first hand cutting edge and street fashion for its viewers. If up-to-date fashion is anywhere, it hits here 1st. Look forward to designer and celebrity interviews and fashion coverage from events. 

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