Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kayne's obsession with wearing women's clothing + Sneak Peek of Nike Air Yeezy 2's

Photo'd above is Kanye West in the front row at the Mark Fast Runway Show at London Fashion Week wearing a pair of Nike Air Yeezy 2's. The jury says #WeApprove. Recently Ye released pics of the black/pink colorway and now we get a glimpse of the grey colorway. It seems as if Mr. West stuck to warm colors by adding cooler elements to this shoe when designing it like the light green sole, gray body and orange lining. This is a great summer kick. 


To accompany the Yeezy 2's, Ye wore a woman's teal Acne cable knit sweater paired with a faded denim jacket and layers of gold chains fit for a King. West's jewelry selection is nothing but royalty and has us all Watching the Throne. He layered this look with a mint green over sized tee, light washed jeans and a chambray shirt tied at the waist. 

This isn't the first time Ye has shopped for women's clothing. Back in April of last year Mr. West wore a woman's Celine Blouse during his Coachella performance. Must I said he rocked it well. 

This printed shirt is from the spring 2011 collection. He opted out of the matching pants and paired it with jeans and a wrist full of bracelets. A fan of the Celine collection Ye namedrops Celine designer Phoebe Philo on the first track of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

I’m just a Chi-town n---- with a Nas flow
And my b---- in that new Phoebe Philo]

I’m not encouraging you to go out and start shopping the women’s rack at Bloomingdale’s, however let Kanye inspire you to open your eyes to unisex fashion pieces. Shirts, sweaters, jackets, blazers etc. are all unisex pieces. Use your judgment when picking items because there is a very thin line that can be crossed. I personally own a couple of women’s blazers, shirts and pendants from thrift stores and not having told you, you’d never know the difference. I often find that some men’s collections are boring and when wanting that “signature” piece you want something different that stands out. I especially find that women’s prints in button down shirts and blazers when thrifting speak more to me. I’m really big on color and unique prints.

Turquoise sweater purchased for $6.99 

Vintage "H" letterman cardigan purchased for $14.99

 Tribal print sweater purchased for $5.99

(Left) Stripped Mexican inspired shawl collared blazer purchased for $9.99
(Right) Paisley print blazer purchased for $11.99

All of these items were purchased in the woman's section of various thrift stores. It’s ok if you don’t feel completely confident just yet in wanting to explore in woman’s fashions for your wardrobe. You have to be very secure with your masculinity.

Just wanting you to think creatively about fashion and open your eyes! At the end of the day wear what you want... fashion has no boundaries only people let limitations. 


  1. I have several pieces that were made for women; coats, blazers, hats, etc. The prints are colors are more diverse, creating more options. The men's department consists of solid dark colors, as if the designers are afraid to step out. Sure you have occasional summer colors but they xklusives pieces that are above will not be found in the men's section of your traditional department store. You gotta think outside the box if you desire to stand out.

  2. I completely agree which is why I decided to put myself on front street with this post. When you don't have the money to rock designer pieces and your subjected to thrifting or regular retail stores it's ok to explore in vast varieties of clothing options. If your a man you will still be a man. A lot of male designers gain inspiration from women's collections and infuse them in their clothing lines #fact.

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  4. Thanks David for reading! Bookmark and come back and read more tomorrow (lol)