Monday, February 6, 2012

Shoe Phenomenon: Why you should own a pair of Clark's Desert Boots

The desert boot has been in around since the 1950's. Nathan Clark designed the shoe to help give Army officers in Burma a comfortable "crepe-soled rough suede shoe" as part of their everyday causal attire. Not only was the design durable, but it was also very light weight.

Desert Boots became fashionable in the Beatnik Culture, and now have been adopted in the American culture and made popular by Clarks.  

Clarks Original marketing signage 

Why should you own a pair? Simple..... they go with everything. 

If you own a pair you know: 
- They feel as if you are walking on air 
-The classic design of a Clarks Desert Boot is timeless, and make the most simple outfit pop.

If you don't own a pair:
-Get a pair!!!!

The overall look of the shoe is very practical and can even be dressed up with a suit when styled correctly

I love Clark's desert boots because they are THE PERFECT go-to throw on shoe. I particularly like wearing them with rolled jeans and camp socks. 

Additional X-Stylez with rolled pants over boots

Additional X-Stylez with slim jeans

Theophilus London in Clarks Originals “Slate Blue” Desert Boots By Ronnie Fieg

Custom Clarks 

Where is my tuxedo?

"Royalty Clarks".... now that this post is done... go Watch the Throne... lol 

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