Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Bathing Ape x Mark McNairy Camouflage Saddle Oxford

Where is my checkbook because these are SOLD (like people really use checks these days outside of rent).

Following up to last year’s highly successful camo desert boots, Mark McNairy once again lends his skills to help design another pair of shoes made exclusively for popular fashion mogul, A Bathing Ape. This time around he has chosen a saddle oxford shoe as a model and manufactured the upper from a lightweight canvas presented in the classic BAPE Green 1st Camo colorway. The saddle strap features textured leather which has been applied to give extra support around the lace area with white eyelet openings accompanied by a white sole. The marsh-up of camouflage against leather makes a great contrast. Set for release soon at BAPE stores worldwide, the A Bathing Ape x Mark McNairy 1st Camo Canvas Saddle shoe has been given a Japanese retail price of ¥40,740 JPY (approximately $507 USD). What do you think about the shoe? Worth the price?

Here are the camo deserts boots from the last release


  1. Ehhhhhhh not feeling these shoes.....bathing apes hasn't really been hot in a while and to comeback with these make me want to smh

  2. This shoe is kinda cool, I'm not really a bape fan but I would purchase these! I'd probably would wear them with some cropped denim

  3. I understand where BAPE is going with these shoes but I’m not sure I want to follow. The saddle shoes are not my favorite but the desert boot could possibly work for me. The prices are a tad bit steep.

  4. Im suprised at the above comments lol... How can you not love these [my opinion]! You get street mixed with classy style... uptown and downtown! But I must admist I would go for the desert boot 1st. Tommy Hilfiger has a camo desert boot for less!

  5. I’m all about shopping on budget.

  6. DAmn! Love the shoes! Gonna start looking for them.
    Hope that you´re having a great day.