Saturday, April 28, 2012

[STYLISH SATURDAY] The MIDTOWN MAN-- Clashing UP and DOWNTOWN styling inspirations

The upper echelon uptown man and the casually dressed downtown cat is like night and day. Although both men are capable of equally getting a stamp of approval for a stylish outfit, it's very easy to tell the difference...... and then there is the MIDTOWN MAN. He knows that there are elements to pull from both boroughs of Manhattan to Brooklyn and fuse them in a compelling moment of fashion fortitudeToday, I decided to dress as the MIDTOWN MAN

Often times there are items we want to wear altogether, but in fear that "they don't go" we opt to keep dressy elements with dress attire and toned down options with street wear. Well, my advice is that there is no fashion rule that says you can't mix the two. Write your own book. 

Being the Harlem Renaissance Man I am, I ventured out today to a local park to hang with friends. 

The Breakdown 

Downtown: OBEY snapback cap from Urban Outfitters-$9.99
Uptown: Brown tortoise shell trendy frames from UO-$14.99
Downtown: Gage earing from Hot Topic- $9.99

Downtown: Crimson KOTO leather jacket from UO- $9.99

Uptown: Vintage bowtie from an Estate Sale- $2.00
Downtown: Levis denim button down from UO- $9.99
Uptown- Vintage peak lapel tuxedo vest from a tuxedo shop- $19.99

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Uptown: Pinky ring from Beacon's Closet- $9.99

Uptown: Vintage briefcase- Free (Got it from my mom's boss when I was in Junior High school. He told me every man needs a good briefcase to go on job interviews. Your bag says a lot about you)--- and he was right! 

Downtown: Crimson Doc Martin combat boots from Macys- $40.00

Clashing your dress clothes with your dress downs is not such a bad idea. Although there is a fine line that can lead to a dead end, know your limitations. 

The Midtown Man

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