Sunday, January 29, 2012

A nice gesture: My good deed for the day

Every Sunday at church, there is the little 10 year old kid who makes sure he finds me after the benediction. His purpose is to simply see what I'm wearing and give me a compliment. I have to make sure that my combinations or as he likes to say "swag" are on point because you know children are brutally honest. He has no problem telling me if he doesn't like what I'm wearing or giving me styling advice. Luckily for me, I'm 99 % of the time on point. Due to the fact that I'm moving to New York next week, last Sunday I had to break the news that in just a short while I wouldn't be able to be checked on after service. I could see the look in his eyes of disappointment finally coming to realization that his sharply dressed church friend would soon be just a memory. So, I decided to do something special for him today. In lite of my posts this week regarding men's bow ties, I thought it would be fitting to get my friend neck ware. He seems to give me the most compliments when I wear bow ties so I knew he would like the ones photo'd above. I coordinated matching pocket squares for him to wear in his suits. His eyes lit up today when seeing that I got them for him. He said he would get a lot of wear out of them of he really appreciated it. For me it was just a purchase of under 20 bucks, but for him it was something he could take with him for years to come and pass on to his next admirer.

I think it's very important to pay attention to children when they show interest in you, especially when it comes to fashion. Children are very perceptive and it's always good to be a role model. You never know who's paying attention and as an X-Stylez Man, its up to us to set good examples for the next generation of well dressed men!


  1. That is awesome Harrison, you are such a wonderful and inspiring person. I wish you nothing but luck in future. May you continue to be blessed, because you are a true blessing!!! New York awaits you :-) ... It was a pleasure meeting and working with you.... shana Mims

  2. I love what a wonderful inspiration you are to young men

  3. Thank you Shana and Jasmine for your comments. I really appreciate your comments! Its a pleasure knowing you both!