Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Styled By June Premieres on VH1

Fashion Icon June Ambrose premiered her new styling reality show "Styled by June" via VH1 last night. Although some of the blogs have posted that the 1st episode didn't deliver via its entertainment level, I say who are they anyway? June can do NO WRONG in my book... however, I'm biased because I'm apart of the Juniverse (June's fanbase). I'm a fan because I appreciate her line of work as an aspiring stylist to reach her level of success. 

I know your wondering why am I posting about her on an All-Male fashion blog, well I'm glad you asked. June has styled the likes of male celebs including Jay Z, Kanye West, Jamie Foxx, Jaleel White and Jason Derulo just to name a few. She's also become more world-renown when personally styling all the contestants for the hit FOX Network show X-Factor. 

Although June is a HUGE celeb, I appreciate the fact that she listens and takes the time to respond to her fans with her #AskJune segments. Intrigued by a denim jacket with studded leather sleeves X-Factor contestant Marcus Cantry wore on an episode, I immediately took to twitter and went straight to the source (@JuneAmbrose) and asked where I could purchase it.

 She then messaged me right back saying it was her design. I'll be waiting on her line to be released! 

June definitely has what it takes to have a successful reality show. She's beautiful, a socialite, has a great presence, captivating speaking voice, innovative style, a closet anyone would want and most importantly (drum roll please) *beats pretend drum* SHE'S TALENTED!  I've met her twice, both at the past two seasons of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and shes very humble. My kind of celebrity!

I think it's safe to say June is the 1st woman that's made an appearance on The X-Stylez Blog and it's well deserved for her contributions to male fashion.  

June recently sat down with Vibe Magazine and gave tips on men's fashion. See what she had to say: 

On the hottest spring trend:
 “I think you’ll see a lot more bold colored shirts, because I think that they reinvent your existing suits, those classic suits you already have. Adding the Ginghams and checks and all of those fun colorful shirts, is going to reinvent your wardrobe for the spring.”
On where to get a nice, inexpensive watch:
“Timex always does a really classic watch. I’m tryna think price wise. Kenneth Cole does a decent watch. But with Timex, you can always get a classic watch from Timex. It’s like the rolexes of watches. Bulky for day, evening is a little bit more subtle and laid-back leather strap. It depends on what kind of suit he would be wearing throughout the week. But also on the casual, you may be more of a sporty, rubber watch guy. Again it’s a really personal choice, but more of a slicker watch for the evening and leave the bulky chunky stuff for day or more sporty, on the move.”
On how to wear cuff links:
“Well, cufflinks are used on a French cut shirt more for a formal look. One thing about cufflinks and ties, they’re like little jewelry for men. So they should really fit your personality. You see a lot of character in a man’s choice of cufflinks. Whether he’s into animals, into diamonds. I like the more blingy cufflinks. They’re great for evening. And the more textured like stone and chrome and gold hardware, whether it’s an elephant or a turtle or any kinds of those characters that you love. Vintage cufflinks are definitely good during the day with a Gingham shirt or pinstripe.”
On how to wear pocket squares:
“I believe a pocket square should not match the tie. It’s always great to kind of take the pocket square and play around with the pattern of the shirt. It should be in contrast of the shirt. But the tones are very similar. It’s really where you kind of have the most fun. The punctuation to your suit. It also again should say a lot about your personality and character. And in terms of stripes and Ginghams or your paisleys and polka dots, there are no rules when it comes to a pocket square other than the tone should really contrast or complement. Pocket squares are timeless. They don’t ever go out of style. You don’t get trends with squares. But you will see a lot more pastels being introduced because there are lot more pastel suits for the spring.”
On how to wear skinny ties:
“If you have broad shoulders, there’s a certain width with skinnies. You kind of have to balance how wide you go based on the width of your chest. So if a guy is extremely brawny up top, you want to avoid the extremely skinny retro ties. It ends up looking like a vaginal landing strip. You should balance your width based on your chest size, but you know the retro tie is not for everyone. And it’s great with a notch lapel versus a peak lapel.”
On what dress shoes NOT to wear:
“It’s really hard for men to pull off red and yellow [dress shoes]. I would avoid those for a dress shoe. White is so difficult.”

Watch Styled By June with me Mondays at 9:30/8:30 c!

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