Friday, March 9, 2012

Class is Now in Session: Take Notes

If this image didn't say enough let me reiterate. CLASS IS FOR MEN. Here at the X-Stylez we promote men of class. A well- dressed man in society speaks volumes about your lifestyle and personality. Its all about the way you carry yourself.  When being a man of class your style can be broken down in consistency, originality, improvement and overall details. 

Consistency: When developing your personal style you want to remain consistent. Find out what works for you and stick with it. As the old saying goes, "If it aint broke don't fix it". It is definitely ok to have versatility in your wardrobe however, you don't want to stray too far away from what you've set forth as "Your Look".  Versatility can be broken down in this series: Morning, Day and Night

Let's take the the blazer for example. It's a staple piece in Men's fashion and something I know you have in your closet. Let's break it down in these categories. 

Morning would be your work wear. If working in the Corporate field you want your blazer as polished as possible with elements that compliment a "professional" appearance. Often times many men buy a blazer then spend the rest of their life trying to find matching slacks. Here’s a tip: they don’t exist. Blazers are made as blazers, and suits are made as suits, so don’t worry about it. The goal is to make your blazer work for you.

If working in a more relaxed atmosphere try a more causal "Morning" look. However class up your structured styling elements.

Day would be your causal weekend attire. You can pair your blazer with causal options when lounging around town. Keeping your day attire "prep" is the sure way to get noticed. Women love a well dressed man even on a causal day. This look is a classic fall option. The button up shirt gives your blazer the structure it needs, while the sweater keeps you warm and builds layering. Grab a pair of nice jeans (no holes or distressing here), a plain wool sweater, and a button up shirt. Wear them. Dead simple, but if this option feels a little conservative for you, liven it up with a pair of Chuck Taylors or causal loafers  to add youth to the look. Also possibly try a driver hat. 

Night would consist of your going out attire. Recently, fashion forward celebrities have made the blazer an acceptable black tie choice. Tuxedo jackets in general define a classy man of style. You don't necessarily have to wear dress slacks with this look. For a more comfortable approach, try a pair of jeans or colored chinos (khakis). While it’s not entirely acceptable for the most staid of black tie functions, it’s a brilliant choice for a  formal night on the town, or for those dates where a simple sweater and jeans just won't do. 

 ---- Again, all of these style elements can be completely different but still incorporate the same consistency. 

Originality: I encourage all men of style to have a trademark. That could be anywhere from a hair style to handkerchief. When interviewing clothing Designer Chris Benz during fashion week, he talked about the importance of trademarking your look. Don't always think clothing when it comes to style. Even your facial hair can be used as your trademark look. I for one enjoy having thick sideburns.

If fashion is more of your thing, find what accessory you can trademark. Think outside the box... ask fashion icon Fonzworth Bentley who's known for his trademarked umbrella.

Improvement: There are always ways to advance your style. Fashion is forever changing and although it does have the tendency to repeat itself, there are often times when new players add additional things in the mix to put a different spin on things. It's always good to improve your look because as you get older your tastes may change. How many times have you looked back at old pictures and questioned "What the heck was I wearing? 

According to Ask Men they say these things about improving your look:  
What You Need To Know
-It's easy to improve your looks with proper grooming.
-Neatness counts -- that means it's time to dust off the iron.
-A classic white shirt improves any man's looks. 

For me I stay in tuned by reading fashion magazines like GQ and doing daily internet searches on fashion shows and just being in the know by reading other blogs. If fashion is not really your passion but you appreciate style, a good thing to do is look at award shows and see what the celebrities are wearing on the red carpet. That always works for me.

Overall Details: It's all about details. Pay attention..... from color to fit and accessories. GET CREATIVE! REMEMBER TO LAYER!

Although the main photo focus of this post may be a little harsh to some let me clean it up. It is definitively ok to have swagger about yourself. Most men in the above frames have it written all over them through their innate personal style, however they all show class.  "Class" is a learned/ practiced skill that won't happen over night. "Class" will get you far in this world. 

If your didn't learn anything from this post, just remember this #KeepItClassy.

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