Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blogger Spotlight: Rip The Runway

The Breakdown 
 In honor of Spring I wore a bright orange suit from H & M that retails for a mere $150 to BET Rip The Runway. 

 There is a lot you can do with a bright colored suit. At 1st my mind went to color blocking and I was going to wear a fitted green crew neck tee and some colorful Cole Haan brogues, but decided to tone the vibrant color down with earth tones. Already in my closet, I paired the suit with this Target lapel vest, J C Penny hounds tooth printed shirt, and a thrifted tie. I decided not to opt for my usual mixing of assorted bracelets because of the other accessory elements I wore, so I just wore a single beaded bracelet. The handkerchief is a piece of material I got at a fabric store. I actually reversed its original pattern to get the hue of a muted green color to complete this look. With a simple folding technique and an iron I placed it in my jacket pocket for a crisp tailored look. Read my post of dressing up while dressing down that goes more in depth on the topic.

 To carry my importants, I toted a Louis Vuitton briefcase. 

 Again there are a lot of choices when adding elements to a bright suit. I decided to keep it simple and rock a pair of distressed Clark desert boots to tone down the look. To add a few styling elements, I cuffed my pants and threw on a pair of stripped socks I got from Urban Ourfitters to bring in all the colors. The socks actually inspired this color story. 

 Again to keep it causal, I wore a fedora hat I got from Forever 21 Men. The khaki fabric strip added to the earth tones of my attire. 

Due to me wearing a vest, I decided to play with time periods and rock a pocket watch. Ironically I've had this watch for years and have never worn it. I got the face from an estate sale back when I was in college. On the day of Rip The Runway taping, I went to a hardware store in Harlem, NYC to purchase a key chain to link the watch.

 To get the watch to stay in place I used a past item of the week to attach the chain to my tie.

 This was the ending result of the look I was wanting to accomplish.

Time is indeed money but as you see you don't have to spend a lot of money to look rich.

The After Party
I switched up my after party look slightly by taking off my vest and adding a house key tie clip I made. I also switched my bracelets. 

Selita Ebanks and I 

Mobile Uploads

 Selita is a character 

Pooch Hall and I 

My date for the night, publicist Trina Page.

Great minds think differently but with similar goals. Suit Inspiration Kanye West. 

All and all I had a great time that night! 


  1. I love looking at your blog! I keeps me pumping! :)

  2. I really enjoyed this and I rarely read an entire post lol. You're very creative and I love the color combo you came up with here.

  3. Uh Oh I got comments......aawwww snap lol...Thank you ladies so much!

  4. I tuned into the Rip the Runway presentation and I got tons of ideas for my own wardrobe. I must say your clothing choices were well executed. I liked how you merged different patterns with that bold red suit. Your unique accessories were creative and just to let you know I will take these notes and amp up my style.