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Trend Report: How to wear mixed assorted bracelets notes that the origin of bracelets dates back 7,000 years to ancient Egypt and throughout Africa in the cradle of civilization as well as in ancient China. Bracelets in Egypt and Africa were initially made with wood, stones, bones, and plant fibers and later copper and bronze. China produced the first known innovation to this popular jewelry with jade bracelets and elaborate gold bracelets starting in 2,000 B.C.  Mesopotamia followed with gold bracelet innovation of its own.  The rise of pharaohs and emperors throughout the known world saw the need for more detailed bracelets which led to the invention of charm bracelets. 

With the exception of earrings, bracelets are the most popular jewelry in the world today due to their wide variety. Most commonly the trend is to mix or stack assorted bracelets on your wrist to help aid in matching and adding a little something "EXTRA" to your wardrobe.

I actually decided to do a post on this topic because blog reader Justin Nelson asked," Do you know where I can find some more items to "flood my wrist?" He also was inquiring about different ways bracelets can be worn and so on. His question made me realize that many of you may be wondering the same thing, so here it goes!

Where to find male fashion bracelets: You probably will never catch me without something on my wrist. Wrist wear is definitely something I've grown accustomed to over time and I've started an intense bracelet collection. Bracelets can be found pretty much anywhere from retail stores to even gas stations. I would probably say my favorite place to shop for them is ALDO. The price points are usually always under $12 and they do most of the work by assorting the bracelets for you.

You can buy variations of faux leather, beads, wovens and metallics....and when they have a sale they really have a SALE! Other places I've found really good bracelets are Topman, ASOS, TJ Maxx, Century 21, Rue 21, Old Navy, Flea Markets, mall kiosks, military surplus stores, and online searches.

Another secret of mine when finding unique bracelets is the Women's section in Forever 21. Before you start to raise your eyebrows hear me out. I recently blogged about Kanye West in unisex clothing. Bracelets  definitely fall in that category, it all depends on the look. Also read my Street Style Spotlight post on: Kevin Brisco who admitted to accomplishing his great look by grabbing his little sisters woven bracelets.

A lot of women's bracelets mimic men's anyway #FACT. Below are 2 faux gold bracelets I got at Forever 21. The lasso linked bracelet on top retailed for $4.98 and the spiked one below retailed for $2.98. Use good intention when purchasing women's bracelets. They have a way bigger selection!

Also from Forever 21 is the belted bracelet below. I was having a hard time finding a leather bracelet to accompany the band of this ALDO "women's" watch to match some Cole Haan loafers. I got creative and actually used a woman's XS belt to accomplish this look. To add a little "depth" to the belt, I wrapped it around my wrist in different directions adding height to it and latching it in the front. This also gives a 3D effect. This below belt was purchased for $9.98.

Mixing/ Stacking Bracelets: There is definitely a science when "flooding your wrist". However, the great thing about it is it's all up to you! Your personal style depicts how you wear your bracelets. Here are just a few visual pointers:

Try stacking marble beads for a really expensive look. 

 The woven and beaded bracelets in this set are tribal inspired. Try adding a pop of color to pull from mixed colored bracelets.

Mixing wooden and beaded bracelets are a great way to clash materials.

 Here's another example of a belted bracelet. Try mixing with fun materials like these authentic African paper beads.

 This spring and summer season are all about color.

 Red was added for a more nautical feel.

 Try clashing metallics with your more causal bracelets.

 Also try stacking your bracelets on top of your watch. Visually it gives a very stylish outlook to your attire.

 Adjustable band watches can also serve as bracelets when styled appropriately.

One of my favorite color stories is nautical. Most often these colors are represented with read, navy, white and yellow/ gold. Sometimes I throw in a hint of green.

 Woven and bead combinations are classic.

 Take risks and clash elements that don't normally go together. Remember to pull like colors from your attire.

 Black is essential. Try mixing different textures.

 If your style is more simplistic, keep it traditional with regular beads. If your more trendy try adding a hint of "bling".

 Roped bracelets are really trendy and because of their width can also take the place of mixing bracelets.

 This color scheme always wins. When in doubt, go patriotic.

 These next few pics are all about neutrals. Its a great way to start when first stacking bracelets or if you want a very "neutral" look. 

 A more simplistic option from the picture photo'd before.

Try adding a pop of color with your neutral selections. Here I pulled from the beading of the wooden bracelet to bring out the rich turquoise color in the photo'd bracelet.

Hot Trends for this season: Here are my predictions for hot bracelets trends for this spring and summer:

 Beaded Bracelets

 Photo'd Rosary inspired Bracelets

Leather Bracelets 

 Woven Bracelets

 Tribal Cloth Bracelets- these can be found at Urban Outfitters for $3.00.

 Shamballa Lasso Bracelets

Remember to have fun! Let your personal style depict the mode of your flooding. If you have any other questions feel free to email me at 

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