Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Male Lapel Flower Fashion

The origin of the modern lapel flower stems from the traditional look of a wedding boutonniere. The wording coming from the French was often referred to by the British as "them button hole flowers". Traditionally, the flower was placed in the button hole of the man’s suit or tuxedo however, these days, most boutonnieres and lapel flowers are pinned directly unto the man’s lapel.
Curiously enough, the boutonniere and the bridal bouquet were created for similar reasons: to ward off bad smells, disease, and evil spirits (A little knowledge for you today---lol)
The reason most of your vintage and thrifted jackets have small inserts in the lapel is because many gentlemen pinned a flower on their jacket almost daily which sparked interest in garment makers to design small hidden vases built right in the lapel to refrain from damaging their work on the detail of the jacket. 

For you old cinema and vintage fashion lovers you may recall the likes of Fred Astair or Cary Grant wearing a boutonniere just to go out on a Friday evening. 

Today, however, bouts are primarily worn only for proms, homecomings, and weddings where the reoccurring "flower lapel" can be worn any day of the week. 

One could argue that the lapel is the most crucial part of a jacket's personality. Whether notched, peak or shawl, that folded flap of cloth is the eye of your blazer drawing immediate attention.

As powerful as these folded edges are alone, we always look to see the way Europeans take accessorizing the lapel to the next level. Whether flipping up the collar  or sticking a fresh flower into the button hole as pictured above, they put the "effortless style" back into the lapel that we Americans have so well adapted.

I recently blogged about a "Look for Less" in adapting the newly reinvented trend in my 

[Styling Tip] "DO" Try this at home: H & M Floral Clip x Men's Lapel Accessory post. 

Feel free to check it out and gain some new inspirations from the visuals listed below. 

If you are wanting to try this out or update your current collection, I've listed in some great websites you can get unique, fashionable lapel flowers from. 

Hook + Albert Lapel flowers

These kits are absolutely perfect to wear with your day-to-day blazers and jackets. Handmade in cotton, each flower adheres to your jacket lapel with a shell button (easy to stitch on, ask somebody if you don’t know how!). Made of soft mercerized cotton fibers, the H+A lapel flower is secured through the buttonhole of the lapel. 

Here you can find handmade flowers accessories with a minimalist style to fit the modern man.
Discounts are offered for bulk purchases.

WormeWoole's shop

Eco-friendly accessories handmade from reclaimed upcycled felted sweater wool. Created in Northern Wisconsin wool is worn year-round this product is sure to warm up some fashion conversation at your local coffee shop.

Rashon Carraway (a.k.a Mr. Goodwill Hunting) Big Cartel Shop

These one of a kind uniquely designed lapel flowers are bold, fresh and stylish. With an array of vibrant solid colors to shuttle strips, Rashon's handmade lapel flowers pendants define style effortlessly. 

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