Friday, June 22, 2012

The Miami Heat BIG THREE Celebrate Championship Victory in comfortable Street Style at Club LIV

The day finally came when LeBron got his ring and with great accomplishments comes great celebration. Miami Heat superstars Dwayne Wade, LeBron James & Chris Bosh better known as "The Big Three" along side their teammates, family and friends all celebrated at popular night sport Club LIV located at Fountain Bleu Hotel on Miami South Beach last night. The stars arrived shortly after 3am with a large entourage including Heat Owner Micky Airson. LeBron was seen drinking out of a 15-liter bottle of Ace of Spades champagne … (good thing he didn't throw it) which usually runs around $75k. During the night LeBron grabbed the mic and rapped along with the music all night in celebration as D. Wade & bunch of his teammates puffed away on cigars. 

For this occasion the popular ballers were not seen in their usual suits, dimpled ties and wingtips. They all kept in cool, calm and collective as they celebrated throughout the night in comfortable street style.  For the socialites and attending fans rumor has it that the price at the door started off at $100 and jumped to $1,000 for entry as the celebration continued till after 6am.

LeBron wore a “vampire t-shirt” made of his face similar to the Givenchy tee made especially for Kanye and Jay-Z on the Watch The Throne tour. 

 He paired the look with trendy frames and splattered camouflage shorts.  

D Wade rocked a Team No Sleep t-shirt.

Wade paired the tee with green chinos.

Showing a little PDA, Chris Bosh wore a Nike "Every Damn Night" t-shirt that retails for $28.00

All and all it looks like The Big Three as well as their teammates had a great time celebrating their well deserved victory. Congrats to the Heats on their 2012 NBA Championship. Check out more party pics below.

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