Friday, June 15, 2012

[Styling Tip] "DO" Try this at home: H & M Floral Clip x Men's Lapel Accessory

So I've found myself again obsessed with yet another accessory "Lapel Flowers". Many men may question adding a flower to their attire in fear that they may transcend too far into the feminine territory, but I guarantee a "Man of Style" knows that the floral ornament can be perfectly masculine when worn with the right amount of confidence. I've often seen floral lapel pins on many Etsy shops and other online stores but one day I got that "I want it right now" kind of urge for an outfit concept, so I got to thinking of creative avenues to accomplish the look I was going for. I initially had a lot of options running through my mind from craft and fabric to 99 cent stores when thinking of where I should go to get a plastic flower and then a light went off in my head to look at women's accessories. I then ventured to one of my favorite go-to stores H & M and low and behold they had an entire section of flowers equipped with clips in their women's hair accessory department. 

And for a set of two for only $3.95, I purchased as many colors as I could find that would match existing pieces in my closet while making mental notes of what I could come back and get for future purchases. 

If you have been seeing this look and are wanting to try it, this is an inexpensive way to accomplish it. The red carpets don't lie, and with major powerhouse celebrities planting the seed early on, I promise you this trend is sure to grow!

Take a look at some of my outfits this week if you need additional styling tips.  

If you are more of a conservative dresser, keep the look classic with a a blazer and a pair of trousers. 

Adding a contemporary flare, I rolled up my pants and wore a mid wingtip boot. 

 You don't necessarily need a physical lapel to adapt this look. 

 Camouflage x Leopard is a winner for me this summer. The Contrasting prints just compliment each other so well.

I paired a lapel flower on the pocket of my fisherman's vest. I got this multi-pocket vest that's actual a jacket with zip-off sleeves at a Murfreesboro, TN thrift store for $19.99 [Sweet Deal]. As I recently blogged about this week in my [Trend Report] Pattern on Pattern post, this summer try wearing prints (contrasting or similar) when wanting to achieve a stylish outfit.


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