Thursday, June 7, 2012

[Men's Shapewear] The Myth of the Mirdle (Man Girdle)

Well the secret is out…..but was it ever really a secret? Men have done many tricks over the years from doubling up on A shirts (wife beaters) in efforts to appear to have a broader chest, to tucking  undershirts in underwear (keeping the upper body in line) to appear slimmer. Although the subject of men’s shape wear is one most don’t often publicly address, I thought it was necessary to bring it up as it coincides with male fashion. It’s been proven over the years in countless magazine covers and runway shows that your clothes just look better on a sleeker physique.  I’m not necessarily saying you have to be model thin, but fit none the less. Everyone isn’t blessed with a “beach body” nor do they desire to, but on a unanimous vote we can all agree that men want to look nice in their clothes especially when wearing a tucked in shirt or fitted tee.
For those who haven’t quite yet mastered the six pack or are still tirelessly working in the gym to shed some unwanted weight, I have a suggestion for you to get some instant results. 

Manx (Male version of Spanx)
In its decade on the market, the Spanx line of modern girdles has become both a must-have undergarment and an easy punch line. The snickering rose a decibel level in February when Spanx introduced its first products for men. On “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the host was nearly ejected from his own Handsome Men’s Club after Rob Lowe accused him of wearing Spanx. Cue giggles from the audience and a horrified look from another club member, Matthew McConaughey, his tight abs unexposed for once.

After this showcase Spanx for men sales went through the roof.  Its robust sales are even more remarkable considering that it isn’t cheap: tanks are $89, T-shirts up to $109. By contrast, Spanx men’s undershirts go for $58, its tanks for $55.

Before and after results of Spanx for men. 

SHAPE FORM by 2(x)ist

A less expensive shape wear is by SHAPE FORM by 2xist. The slimming boxer brief has an 8” waistband which smoothes out your waist area (or love handles) to create a sleeker, slimmer appearance. The knitted band also provides added back support and improves posture.  The fitted underwear comes in boxer and brief styles and only retails for a mere $24 at Macys. The brand also sales muscle tanks and crew neck tees in the same spandex material.

As you can see, men’s shape wear is not just for those who are slightly unfit, they work extremely well with those who have toned bodies for added support especially when working out to help you sweat. As an additional suggestion, this product could also work well when wearing low boot cut jeans… if you know what I mean. (I’m CRACKing up)
Check out SHAPE FORM’s official site here.

So when you have that important business meeting and are wanting to put on a fitted suit or when  going to an exclusive event (red carpet even) and want to appear slimmer for the cameras (twitter and facebook friend paparazzi can be the devil) or whatever the case may be, you may want to possibly consider men’s shape wear. Now this is only a temporary fix and does not replace a healthy lifestyle, however it can definitely suffice for now if you are still a work in progress. Feel good about your body, no need to be embarrassed. No one will ever know.... well unless you tell them.  If you don’t currently address what type of undergarments you wear now, no need to start proclaiming.


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