Friday, June 8, 2012

Style Report: Mike B Styles Chris Brown for the Today Show Toyota Concert Series

Fans camped outside as early at 5 pm yesterday just to catch Chris Brown perform this morning for the Toyota Concert Series on the TodayShow.

The fashion forward R&B/ Pop sensation did not let the early morning performance hinder his style. His stylist Mike B, formally of the hit reality show House of Glam  intstagramed a play by play of CB’s attire.

CB wore a black and white Yankees fitted cap with a Yves Saint Laurent lapel pin for added styling. [Dope Idea]

Mike kept Chris retro in a vintage Snow Beach Ralph Lauren Polo pullover in Jamaican colors with a matching Richard Mille timepiece.

Chris paired his black slim fitted Ksubi Jeans with Jordan 2’s.

For additional styling CB wore a Chanel scarf hanging from his back pocket and Orianne Collins pinky rings [SICK]. 

Be sure to follow Chris Brown’s stylist Mike B (@IBOGARD) on instagram as he always updates his followers with great client news and styling pictures. To check out more comments of CB’s performance and attire check out twitter #ChrisBrownTODAY and the full performance here. . 

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