Friday, August 17, 2012

Fashion Friday: Reader Appreciation TOPMAN Ring Giveaway

Who said nothing in life is FREE? Leading up to a post on statement rings, I decided to jump the gun... and do a Blog Giveaway on this reemerging trend... hey, I'm in the giving mood! 

You have one of 3 chances to win one of the above packs of rings.. and all you have to do is answer a question from your favorite MALE FASHION BLOG! Since you've been reading along daily, this will be a no-brainer! 

  • Only one winner per ring (pack)
  • You must be a subscribed member of The X-Stylez Blog (located to right under archive section)
  • Must not be a designer from Feature Week 
Directions: I will ask 3 questions pertaining to last week's "Feature Week" blog posts. The 1st 3 fellas to correctly comment on this post with the question # will win the ring pertaining to that specific #. Also include your email address and instagram or twitter name along with your answer. 

 #001 List all the Feature Week articles in order by Archive #, Designer and Name of Brand. 

 #002 Outside of their own collection, which "Feature Week" company also has a collaboration 
           product with Rumbatime watches?

 (Note: If you have fat fingers, this isn't the ring pack for you because you will literally be like 
  OMFG trying to get them off--- ask me how I know, lol)

#003 Which two mainstream fashion events in NYC did one of last week's features attend 
           before launching their product (also include the company name)? 

Thank you again for reading! It's truly appreciated! 
Good Luck!


  1. #003 - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week & BET's Rip the Runway
    Company: Cheyenne Beam
    :) // @joshjenks (Instagram & Twitter)

  2. #003
    Reginald Beam's company Cheyenne Beam
    Reginald attended Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and BET’s Rip the Runway
    Twitter: @nupenewson

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  4. #001
    Feature Week-DAY 1: Archive 101 Stan Williams "FreshPinz"
    Feature Week-DAY 2: Archive 102 Chris Burns "Arch Shoes"
    Feature Week-DAY 3: Archive 103 Kelanie Hayes “Bracelets by Kelanie Hayes"
    Feature Week-DAY 3: Archive 104 John-Clifton Victor "John Bolé"
    Feature Week-DAY 4: Archive 105 Amy Dobbins "Quip"
    Feature Week-DAY 5: Archive 106 Reginald Beam “Cheyenne Beam"

  5. #002 What is MrJohnBole collaboration?


  6. What a cool giveaway! Im guessing these 3 guys won?! Recently found your blogg and so far I am loving what im seeing, X-Stylez!! Keep up the great work, yes?! Much love and respect from Dallas, Texas!!

  7. Yes the giveaway ended. Thank you for stopping by and leaving this comment and finding out about us! We promise to keep it coming and more blog giveaways to come. THANKS FOR READING!