Monday, August 27, 2012

[Trend Report] Men's STATEMENT RINGS

Recently, The X-Stylez Blog did a giveaway to three lucky readers in a contest for a "Statement Ring" prize pack curiosity of one stop shop, male fashion retailer TOPMAN. The purpose of this post was in effort to spread a little fashion for one trend that is sure to linger around our fingers for a while. 

The consciousness for fashion and style has largely increased in the recent days, and like women, men are also not an exception in wanting to make a statement with their fashion accessories. In order to cater to the fashion and style statement, there are increasing numbers of designer brands that are producing different items for both men and women. In today’s date, even men love to wear rings, and not your normal solid bands but detailed ones that are sure to be noticed. 

Popularity of "Statement Rings" for Men:
Celebrities and notable faces are the billboards of current fashion. In fact, many of us get a good sense of our style by channeling a popular figure in order to have comparisons for style advancement. Today's male fashion icons have more than embraced the statement ring movement.   

 Big Sean

Jeremy Scott in Adidas campaign 

Kanye West designer of the “Eye Am Not Alone” AMBUSH ring retails for $210 and can be purchased at Ambush retailers.

Justin Bieber wearing Rolex Ring. 

2 chainz wearing Dope Couture brass knuckle finger ring. 


Jay Z 

STYLE TIP: Put Rings On Different Fingers
Since there is an abundance in the availability of unique men’s rings at basically any retail store you shop, you can easily use mixed rings on different fingers to reflect your fashion forecast for the day. The rings can be of different designs and styles. The materials don't necessarily have to coincide (i.e all silver or all gold), in fact mixing textures is the best way to fully grasp the concept (plus even if you don't, it really makes it look like you know what your doing).   

For those of you wanting to try this trend and don't know where to start, here's a Statement Ring Starter Kit brought to you by The X-Stylez Blog

A. $10.00 Zip Ring via Topman 
B $16.00 Triangle Ring via Topman 
C. $24.00 Engraved Ring Pack via Topman 
D. $17.00 Double Dollar Ring via Asos
E. $17.03  Double Pyramid Eyes Ring via Asos 
F. $14.00 Pharaoh Ring via Asos 
G. $10.00 Serpent Ring via Urban Outfitters 
H. $30.00 OBEY 25HR Finger Ring via Urban Outfitters 
I. $16.00 Berkeley Ring via Urban Outfitters 
J. $40.00 The Dope Four Finger Ring via Dope Couture 

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