Thursday, August 9, 2012

Feature Week-DAY 4: Archive 105 "Quip"

Everyday this week I will be featuring independent designers that contribute to the male fashion movement. Today, get identified with 'Amy Dobbins' company "Quip".

      I first originally met you at a pop up shop/ fashion show last year and I was drawn to your visual merchandising. You had your product displayed so creatively and it all fit within the theme of your designs. Where do you gain your creative inspiration?

I gain my creative ideas by recycling misfit toys and game pieces etc., searching the web and looking at fashion blogs. Also, my family is very crafty & a big fan of Martha!

        Tell me a little about “Quip”. Where did the initial thought come from to start this business venture?

"Quip" means odd, fantastic, action thing & I think my pieces are odd, look fantastic, and are definitely a thing (lol).  Also, "Quip" explains who I am at times; clever, quick & sarcastic.

        Would you say that your designs are influenced by your personal style or you think of your targeted customer when constructing your artistic designs?

Everything I do in my business is a mirror of me-- Geeky, Nerdy, Funky, Eccentric, and Indie. It all falls in the category of me, so I present myself and my business in that way!

Statement jewelry is very popular right now. The bigger, the bolder, the better. You first started out making leggo brooches. What is the most over-the-top brooch you’ve created thus far? 

I'm still trying to create my most over the top Lego Brooch! As of now I'll say the "Apple" it's 3-D as if a person bit into it.

        Sounds like a cool concept and speaking of over-the-top,  Lego designs can be very tricky. I’ve attempted only once and that was to make an “H” for my name. I mean an H is simplistic but it still took a lot of time trying to figure out the right adhesives etc. You’re able to take a picture and recreate it with an object that you can’t manipulate or mold to the shape you want. That truly takes patience and talent. Do you ever find it challenging to create things out of leggos or does it come naturally easy to you when making complicated designs?

It comes naturally easy to me. I been making different figures out of Lego's since I was a kid. Just decided to add a pin to it!

       Well that explains it for me... I was a TV baby (lol).  Outside of lego brooches you make statement jewelry out of vintage game pieces (i.e. checkers scramble, etc.).  With Scramble you take urban catch phrases like DOPE, SWAG, CUNT, etc. and make multiple finger rings, earrings and pendants. Simply genius. Where did you get that idea?

Honestly, it was easy. I was going through my old chest at home & found my checker/ scrabble games, caught the thought and started creating.

        Outside of making ingenious accessories you also sell men’s, women’s and unisex vintage clothing via your second company “Dare Threads Vintage”. It seems as if you are deeply rooted in the vintage era. Why is it important to you to focus on that time period?

I love everything vintage. My favorite era's are the 40's & 50's. Women looked curvy & lady-like and actually took the time to get ready. Men looked more tailored in those days and wore more FITTED clothing. 

        Being a very fashionable woman with creative style, how would you envision your ideal man to dress?

I want my ideal man to dress like Andre 3000; casual & Tom Ford; formal.

        What’s up next for “Quip”? Are there any other types of jewelry you plan on releasing for future collections or any other types of game pieces you plan on incorporating? 

What's next? Hmmmm, to enhance my line with precious metals & to advance to making necklaces. I'm just going with the flow!

         Who would be the ideal celebrity or television personality that you would choose to be the spokesperson of your product and why?

Andre 3000 he loves vintage & odd. I love his style!! Oh Pharrell has that geek nerdy swag! Lol either one!

        What methods of social media do you find most effective when promoting both your businesses? 

Tumblr, Instagram & Twitter! Hash tags! Hash tags!

      Why should readers of The X-Stylez blog purchase your product? 

Because it's a statement piece! Adding details to your wardrobe is the key...and FUN!!

To check out "Quip's"  full collection and to inquire about ordering, they can be reached via these outlets: 



Instagram: #quip

Tumblr: vintagegoon

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