Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Collection Critique: ALDO Velvet Slippers For Fall 2012

ALDO Shoes has released their fall line-up and aside from the normal pointed dress shoe and mid-wingtip boot, they have been playing around with texture. ALDO first introduced their "velvet concept" last fall with a hard bottom sole which I loved. Great reviews that led to the shoe being sold out within the first few months. They re-released its mates for this fall in other colors and patterns. However, they left out a key component... the hard bottom sole. Although I don't extremely dislike the newly released shoes, I'm not in love. To me softer soles on a richer material just lessen the quality of the overall look. 

I see where they were going, but don't meet me half way-- go all they way. ALDO does such a great job in recreating top designer shoes at affordable price points, but for me they missed the mark with this collection. 

ODEKIRK leopard slipper 

Take this leopard slipper for instance. For only $60, it's a STEAL. However, the components are just simple and give off no WOW factor. Had they lost the trademarked ALDO tag, gone with a more defined material like pony-hair (not brushed over velvet) and put a nice hard sole on it, I could easily see them pricing them at $230.00 and they would be flying off the shelves. Again, its makeup isn't horrible, but the shoe has the potential to be so much better! Aside from my thoughts, if your feeling it... GET IT! Affordable and decent leopard shoes are hard to find these days. 

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SPROULL skull studded slipper 

In person, the iridescent studding detail on this shoe looks amazing, but again it would be perfect with a firmer sole with small heel for support. I don't want a casual slipper, that's what loafers are for-- I want sleek! 

I believe the causal shoes listed before are fine the way they are because the stitching and elastic band imply that it's design is perfect for a comfortable slip on. 

DIEDERICH crimson 



Check out ALDO's first velvet slipper release in my past post:
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This hasn't turned me off from ALDO, they still have GREAT products! 


  1. Such an excellent and detailed observation here.

    I have never been a fan of Aldo. There shoes are poorly manufactured and give off the cheap look.

    With that said, I do believe are a decent price point for those who are in the need of them.

    The velvet shoes above are a no go.

    Personally, I like my shoes to have the standard block heel. These shoes have a mini platform style and that is definitely a turn off.

    I try to stick with mid level or more expensive brands when it comes to shoes.

    They last a lot longer.

    1. I agree! I get that you want to have a variety of shoes for your customers, but don't do a casual version of a dressy shoe, not do it right and not give a more dressed up version. I'll wait and see what the winter collection looks like and hopefully it won't disappoint. To further my frustration, I went to go purchase a shoe this weekend and it wasn't available in a size 12. In fact none of their last two releases have been avail. in a 12 because ALDO is going for true Euro sizes and feels that a slim 11 is best to represent that. How do you start your company with offering male sizes up to a 13, gain your fans and then slowly weed them out? I was not a happy customer. I plan to do more research on this.

    2. I agree with you both. I don't study fashion as deeply as you two do, but at first glance, I got poor quality. If I did purchase these, it would be a one wear shoe and that is all. Great blog as usual. Thanks for sharing!