Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Feature Week-DAY 3: Archive 103 "Bracelets by Kelanie Hayes"

Everyday this week I will be featuring independent designers that contribute to the male fashion movement. Today, get identified with 'Kelanie Hayes' company.

Disclaimer: Kelanie started her company as a women's based accessories line under the name Very Prissy. The company is still under that name, however she makes male and unisex bracelets. Her product is great... it's on you if you choose to say the name (lol). When asked where I get my bracelets from, I normally just say a lady makes them for me and I'll give them her facebook info and repeat this disclaimer (lol). Regardless of the name, she has an AWESOME product!

      First let me say not only do I love your product but I’m in love with it! Your bracelets are my everyday go to without a question, I’m rocking a couple. I first discovered your gift at a fashion show last year and have been in contact ever sense. How would you say you measure the success of “Very Prissy”? (i.e repeat customers like me, a high influx of sales, the self-pride in seeing your visions come to life, etc.)

Right now I measure my success one day, one customer, one opportunity at a time. I've been in business for almost 3 years and thats quite an accomplishment to me. I've seen people come and go and I'm just happy that Im still standing and I'm still enjoying what I do.

      I think what I like mostly about your product is the design, weight and color. Outside of regular beads you can pick up at any local craft store, I’ve noticed you use a lot of stones. What all types of stones do you most commonly use and where do you find them all?

I use a lot of agate, jade, amethyst, coral, lapis, wood and pretty much anything I find unique. I find a lot of unique items online or in specialty bead stores. I try to stay away from the run of the mill items. They get boring after a while and I like to work with different textures and colors.

As far as your marketing goes, I view most of your items when you upload them to facebook. Your fan page (@VeryPrissy) has well over 2,000 subscribers and you host an online etsy shop and pintrest account. What other methods do you when marketing your product? (talk about your trade shows etc.)    

I'm on twitter as well (Very_Prissy) I'm currently working on the Instagram thing LOL we'll see how that goes! I do quite a few local craft shows and natural hair shows too.
I like doing shows like those because it gives me a chance to meet people and explain my products and show off the latest jewelry I've created. What people dont know is that I make way more items that what is shown online. I always make new things for each show. I rarely show and item twice.  So everytime you see very Prissy at a show you never see the same thing twice!

I too have noticed you rarely make the same designs twice. I find that fascinating because you have such a vast variety of products. I know you just covered it but what's more reasoning behind that?

I just can't repeat myself over and over in designs. If I do I'll change the colors or beads or something it just has to be different! I don't want to be a one trick pony and do the same thing over and over its boring and to me if you are a designer  you should never run out of ideas you should always be changing and pushing the envelope.  I can start a project and half way through it I have and idea for the next. Its a way to push myself. I know that if I keep doing the same thing over I'll never reach my fullest potential thats why I'm always changing things up. I dont want my customers to get used to seeing the same thing I always want to wow them. When you loose that Wow factor you start to loose your change is always a good thing for me.

     How are you booked for trade shows and if someone wanted to contact you and have a private showing of your line, what’s the best way to reach you?

People contact me directly on facebook for shows.  Now that I've been doing shows for a few years I'm in the loop and I always know well in advance whats going on in Memphis. I  take private showings on a case by case matter. I'm not a fan of them but if you are a serious buyer then we can talk business if not then please dont waste my time.

Do you construct custom pieces for individual customers?

It all depends on what they want to be honest with you. Sometimes, I'd rather walk away from a sale than walk into a headache. I've learned my lesson with custom items and it's always best to know your limitations as an artist and to know when to say no.

      I kid you not; I get so many people that stop me about your bracelets. Almost to the point where I feel like I need to carry your business cards around with me and campaign. I just recently took a bunch of your pieces (male and female) up to the BET wardrobe offices to disperse among the team to show my appreciation. They went bananas over your unique pieces. I know if I get stopped, half the people that order from you must get asked where they got their jewelry from as well. How does that make you feel as a designer to know that so many people love your product and with that do you design based on other people’s style or strictly on yours and what you like?

It makes me feel really good!!! I love positive feedback! It's my motivation to keep doing what I do. I make jewelry that makes me happy. I make things that I would wear. I design with myself in mind a lot of the time. If I based my ideas off of what others want, then I wouldn't be true to myself and my designs and I wouldn't enjoy making jewelry as much as I do now. I do me and that just how it is.

What inspires you to make your jewelry when coming up with your designs?

I love art. I've gotten into African art lately. I love the vibrant colors and unique textures. Oh and lets not forget fashion magazines! I love Vogue, Bazaar, Instyle or pretty much any kind of magazine that has lots of pictures.

      What made you start designing?

I went to the craft store one day and bought a few books on how to make jewelry. I sat down and made a few things that I must admit were not impressive but I stuck with it and got better and better with each try and I really enjoyed it. Everyday it was something new to do. I realized that I had no limit and nothing was right or wrong and if I didn't like it, I could always take it apart and start all over.  Jewelry making became a stress relief. I'd get off work and go home and make jewelry. At first it was a hobby and then I got really good at it and I turned it into a business...and I haven't looked back since.

As started early. I get embarrassed to tell people that the lady who makes my jewelry’s company is called “Very Prissy”. I almost feel like you should have a line called Mr. P (lol) or something just for men. I know originally your product was only intended to cater to women however; you have a lot of bracelets that I would consider unisex like your ankh band, African paper beads, wooden pieces, beaded stretch bands, etc. Have you ever thought about incorporating more masculine products into your creations that will continue to reach a broader audience or are you content with unisex?

Yes, I started making men's jewelry because I got tired of my boyfriend asking me to make him this and make him that! Then he started going to the store with me and picking out beads so I could make him some bracelets and that's when I drew the line!  Once I realized that I was getting a huge response from the men that were coming to the shows, I started making more unisex items.  

What’s up next for “Very Prissy”? Are there any new unisex designs for the fall that we should be looking out for? I know you always have some tricks up your sleeve because there is never a dull moment when I see a new uploaded product!

I'm working on unisex bracelets right now. I'll be posting them throughout the week. I had to take a brief break and now I'm back to business as usual.

Where would you like to see your company go in the near future when you realize this is my “I made in moment”?

I enjoy being that little company that's known but unknown.  I see my company doing big things in the future. I'm not sure what it will be, but I know it will be BIG. Until then, all I can do is prepare and be patient.  Deep down inside I'd love to do this full time. My "made it moment" will be when I no longer have to get up every morning  and go to work for someone else.  


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