Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Street Style Spotlight: Kevin Brisco

Last night I stopped Memphian, Kevin Brisco for his superb street style. When asked to describe his style he said "Man, I'm just doing me, I like to dress comfortable... plus I read the X-Stylez blog" (PLUG!!). Well Kevin's "comfortable" style has landed his own post! I like this look because its everyday: going to class, grocery shopping, hanging out with friends etc. The simplicity of this outfit is very easy to accomplish. Last week I talked breifly about the importance of having an everyday go-to denim jacket in my Patchwork post. So here's THE BREAK DOWN:

Knitted cap: J Crew $20.00
STYLING TIP:  Try placing the cap towards the back of your head to give a relaxed look.

Plaid Shirt: Uniqlo $20 

Denim Jacket: Levi's $65

Bracelets: From his little sister Princess (Most woven bracelets are unisex )
STYLING TIP:  Try cuffing or rolling the sleeves of your jacket to show your wrist work (accessories).

Adjustable watch and band: 
Ebay $40.00

STYLING TIP: Try changing your watch band to coordinate with your outfit. 

Khakis: J Crew $65 
STYLING TIP:  Cuff pants over boots to show socks

Knitted Camp Socks: J Crew $12.50

 Desert Boots: Clark's $59.00 (a steal at shoe retailer DSW) --Online Clarks boots are $99.00
STYLING TIP:  Daily wear and tear will create the distressed look. Just wear and walk. 

"I would say I'm normally morally opposed to spending $65 for khakis and $20 for a hat but that's how stuff  went down, I was feeling rich."- Kevin Brisco

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