Monday, July 30, 2012

2 in 1: How to make an instant hem x Wearing White after Labor Day

I was recently re-reading an issue of GQ Magazine where an article entitled "The New White Suit" was highlighting new ways to wear all white for the summer. As stated in the article, we as men normally tend to migrate towards lighter color palettes when selecting the components of our white suits (I know I do). The feature suggested toning down all white suits with darker colors to give the once all white, all bright concept a slight pick me up.

It's been about 2 years since I've worn my white EXPRESS suit. I don't know why, but last year I just wasn't moved to wear it. Still waiting on my invite to Diddy's All-White Affair in the Hampton's I guess [shrugs]. After reading the article I immediately got inspired to break it out and I plan to wear it AGAIN specifically after Labor Day just to get to Ooh(s) and Aw(s) (What, like you've never premeditated an outfit (lol). The main photograph in the article showed a model wearing a cropped pair of white pants. I thought it would be a cool concept to grasp... hence the purpose of this blog post. 

If you don't know how to sew this post is perfect for you. Today I'll show you how to make an instant hem using the following: 

 Tape, Hem Tape (Stitch Witchery), and an Iron (preferably one that has a steam button)

 Step 1: Place a piece of tape at the length you want your hem. (Outside of a cropped pant, this can also work for a basic hem).

 Step 2: Fold your pant under to make sure it's at the length you want it. If you aren't satisfied, reposition the tape. (I would suggest using a mirror to get a better visual)

 Step 3: Turn the pant inside out 

 Step 4: Cuff pant up to the hem line of the tape. 

 Step 5: Place hem tape at the seam of pant. Line it up as perfectly as possible for best results.

 Step 6: Use an iron to press over the taped area.

 Step 7: Repeat on opposite pant leg.

Step 8: Turn pant back outside in and iron over taped area. Use this time to adjust if you have any kinks to get out for  perfect hem. 

The great thing about hem tape is that it's temporary (well until you take it out). This literally took me under 5 minutes to do. Not hard at all!


The GQ article also stated that the new idea of an all white suit is to dress it down, embrace the wrinkles, and let it get a bit dirty. When you treat it that way, you'll be surprised how versatile it becomes. Taking their advice, I paired my suit with and 
[H&M] lapel flower, Henley tee and a 
[Prada] Silk scarf 

 The colored sole shoes are from [Joe Fresh]. See how they were color blocked in my past post: 
Blogger Spotlight: Color Blocking [Master the Art]

Originally, the "ALL WHITE FASHION RULE" states that "White is only to be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day".  It's purpose was mainly to avoid wearing all white ensembles and dress shoes. White tennis shoes and off-white boots seem exempt, "Winter white" clothing (e.g., cream-colored wool) is acceptable after Labor Day and Memorial Day too. 

The rule stems from a class issue. Acting Director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology Valerie Steele notes that in the late 19th century and the 1950s, more people were entering the middle classes. These nouveau-riche folks were often unaware of the standards of high society, so they were given specific codified rules to follow in order to fit in.

Well readers, some rules are meant to be broken! I think it's such a silly rule that has changed with the times. It's 2012 people! You bought it... wear it whenever you want..... and beg someone to differ! 

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