Monday, July 23, 2012

D.I.Y: How to Make a Belted Watch Bracelet on a Budget

There comes a TIME in every man's life when you need options. Some days that MK watch just needs a time out. What do you do when you want a new statement timepiece that's just as striking as the one you currently have, but don't want to break the bank? Well I'm glad you asked! 

On a quest in constructing a "Do It Yourself" belted watch you just need two simple items: 
(1) A small woman's belt and 
(2) A watch face

Due to the dire need that often comes with wanting to "switch it up", many of us stylish gents already own an adjustable watch band and if you have a stylish girlfriend or friend that is a girl, I'm pretty sure she has a skinny belt.  If you just use your resources this look can be achieved "for da free" *in my southern twang voice*.

Watch Face
If you want to look into other selections of adjustable watch band faces, I would suggest going to stores like ALDO Shoes, American Eagle and J Crew just to name a few. Also check out this link I've provided here of online Etsy shops that showcase a variety of watch faces. The watch in the above photo was purchased at ALDO shoes in a set with 3 bands for $35.00

Belted Band
The extra small belt in the above photo was purchased at Forever 21 for $9.99. You will need a women's belt to achieve this look so that it will be small enough to fit through the loops of your watch face and less bulky on your wrist. If you like this concept but want something less dramatic, try an actual bracelet meant to be belted or anything you deem unique that could work. 

Final Look 

Here is the breakdown of the other elements of my ensemble. 
Ring: Handmade from jewelry maker to fit my fingers- $20.00
Tribal bracelet: Urban Outfitters-$2.00

Printed Button Up: Gap (thrifted)- $3.99
Shorts: Daniel Cremieux (thrifted)- $5.99, another D.I.Y project. These were actual pants I cut 
               into shorts, then rolled for a more tailored look. Entire outfit for under $12.00 #winning

 Sunglasses: ALDO Shoes- $12.99 

Large Brim Fedora: Flea Market hat store- $30.00

 Aztec backpack: Zara- $69.99
 Woven peanut butter tassel loafers(thrifted) $7.99 

Styling tips:
(1) Remember to work with what you have and use your resources. 
(2) Style is not defined by name brands, it is the visual personality that your clothing speaks. 
(3) Wear the clothing, don't let it wear you.
(4) Always BE CREATIVE!

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