Thursday, July 5, 2012

The X-Stylez meets X-Factor to talk personal style BET Award Weekend

Like music and fashion it was inevitable that the two Xs would eventually meet. We watched both Astro and Marcus Canty weekly as they performed among some of the nation's best vocal and lyrical talent. Although all they had to do was focus on their talents as celebrity stylist June Ambrose dressed them to the nine each week, it's always refreshing to see what celebrities' personal style is away from the cameras.

The X-Stylez blog caught up with both Astro and Marcus Canty at the Epic Records Pre-BET Award industry party and at the actual award show to discuss men's fashion, the projects they've been working on post X-Factor and of course what they were wearing.

Since the release of the rappers "Loser" mixtape, Astro not only has been working hard in the studio but also designing pieces on his clothing line entitled "Loser", which is in the works to be released. YOU HEARD IT HERE 1ST! Take a look at some of the pieces of his brand as well as other elements of his personal style. 

Note: The bracketed name brands lead you to where the items can be found.  

Epic Records Pre-BET Industry Event

 [Supreme] Panama snap-back hat

 Astro x Loser trendy frames

[Rocksmith] Hov 81 t-shirt 

[Dope Couture Ring]

 Tan canvas [Chuck Taylors] Converse sneakers x Rocksmith jeans 

Outside of shopping on some pretty dope threads, ladies man Marcus Canty has also been in the studio working on his album. He says it's for everyone to listen to especially for the ladies. Although his personal style can be viewed as flashy, Marcus says he's just doing him. He enjoys trendy statement pieces and just stuff everyone doesn't have. EXCLUSIVE is the word that comes to mind. Check out Marcus' ensemble below. 

[John Vartos] USA Leather Vest 

 [Dior] Frames 

 [Supra] sneakers x Marcus' own personal jewelry

 [Nialaya] shamballa bracelet 

  [Diesel] Belt and Jeans 

BET Awards Red Carpet 

Astro did not disappoint as he premiered yet another addition from his loser collection at the awards. Astro chose to keep it stylish by mixing denim and khaki cargos. 

 [Sedgwick & Cedar] fitted trucker hat 

 Astro x Loser trendy frames

 [G-Star] light wash denim jacket 

 Chuck Taylor x Loser Converse

The flashy Canty did not disappoint as he threw around expensive labels yet again. We can definitely see the styling of a young Usher in the making. Hands down Canty's studded moto-style jacket could not be missed as he walked down the red carpet. 

 [Alexander McQueen] frames

 [Bess NYC] Jacket and t-shirt 

 [Versani] Time piece

[Robin's Jeans] x [Kris Van Assche] footwear

Although this was their 1st BET Awards show, with both of them working on new artist projects it most certainly won't be their last. We wish them both the best. 

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  1. I like both of their styles. I think Astro will be the breakout fashion hit of the two. Not that Marcus isn't fly, because he is. However his look is very similar to other artists his age. They both look like they put thought into their look and trust me, the ladies will appreciate it. In this time of guys either being extremely overstyled or not styled at all. Good look fellas. Great article Mr. Crite.

  2. If I could give their style a name, it would be "Hip Hop Hollywood". Their styles are similar but also different. It has that old school 80's flavor with a modem twist. One thing that I like and can appreciate about both guys is that their clothes actually fit their bodies without losing that street edge. Astro's look is clean, cut, and simple but still has a strong presence. Marcus' look has that extra little bit of "BAM" with the accessories and additional details within each garment. Both guys look DOPE nonetheless! Great coverage on rising stars!

  3. While watching these two young men on X Factor it was easy to see they have natural talent and after reading this article I see they have the personal style that makes them stand out in the industry. I always like to see people in the public eye express themselves through their clothing because before they say anything you get a glimpse of their personality in their clothing choices. I must agree with sistah star I see the potential in Astro’s style evolution because he is young and he has time to grow and implement things into his wardrobe that adds individuality. Coming into the industry at such a young age gives celebrities time to gradually establish a personal style of their own. This article was well written and informative about these up incoming music/fashion beings. In the future I see these two being the target for success because X marks the spot!

  4. Swagg. Couldn't make it to LA but good to see the styles that were in actin.