Wednesday, July 18, 2012

[Street Style Watch] Pharrell Williams at 'Dark Knight Rises Movie Premiere

Pharrell Williams joined a host of celebrity guests and the stars of the new movie "The Dark Knight Rises" for the New York premiere of the blockbuster movie on Monday July 16th.

The 'Can I Have It Like That' singer was pictured sporting a blonde hairstyle under a brimmed brown hat complete with a flannel shirt, green Billionaire Boys Club seal tee and stenciled BBC washed jeans.
If you are eyeing his boots you won't find them in stores. The Timberland waterproof DIY boots that Skateboard P is sporting was designed by himself with the assistance of a paint pen. They feature a Chanel logo on the right and a sketch of skeleton toes on the left, with other personal motifs and more covering the sides and heels. He’s been spotted sporting the kicks hard in the past few months. He’s going to make me grab the white out off my desk and get busy. I’m talented too, HELL. 
Pharrell is known for not following the trends and yet again he hits us with another look from his eclectic style. What do you think honestly of this look.... Fashion at it's best or Pharrell looks a hot mess?

To add to his personal style, Pharrell kept up with his house keys buy adding a clip to his back pocket along with and American flag bandanna and beaded aztec belt. 

Pharrell Williams pictured with mother of his child/fiancee Helen Lasichanh.


Get Pharrell's BBC tee here.

Pharrell Williams at The Chanel Little Black Jacket Event on June 7,2012

Pharrell's BBC Stencil Washed Denim jeans turned shorts have yet to be released... I guess when you are the designer you can have "Exclusive" ish. 


  1. I absolutely love this look! Every time Pharrell comes out you can always expect to see individuality at its finest. I’m a fan of his music and his style statement. Two thumbs up!

  2. I'm the biggest supporter of individuality and looking eclectic. And I know he didn't set out to look eclectic on purpose, he's just being comfortable in his own skin and with his own personal style. He definitely went against the grain by going casual to a movie premiere though, but we need to see more of that

  3. I'm going to go with he looks a mess. This reminds me way too much of 90's grunge and just not one of my favorite looks on him, but I do admire his individuality...kudos for that.