Thursday, July 5, 2012

[Epic Moment] Epic Records Industry Event

The X-Stylez blog loves capturing male street style. It helps us solve the age old question, "What should I wear today?" in an effort to help us gain inspiration from others. Check out a few highlighted pics from the Epic Moment Industry Event hosted by Epic Records as a pre kick-off to the BET Awards in LA. 

Dope combo! Dressing up your look while dressing down is always a #win in the X-Stylez fashion file cabinet. When mixing contrasting pieces and compiling polar opposite combinations, you are able to create a statement that further explains the message you are trying to convey with your statement pieces.  

This American 5 panel hat can be purchased at Urban Outfitters here

 Versace Bracelet 

Fusing fall and summer fashion is simplistic within itself. Choose pieces that work together when best complimenting the weather for the day. 

Keep it simple.. nothing wrong with a statement tee. 

 Actor Wesley Jonathan

When pulling out your plaid looks for the summer try accessorizing. 

Pull out like colors in your hat choice. 

Add a bracelet that best depicts your personal style.

Diesel Jeans x Chuck Taylor Converse: Try changing the laces in your favorite kicks to completely change the visual of its original look. 

Music producer Jazze Pha


Nike LeBron 9 Low "Mint"

It's hot outside so light combinations will keep you cool. Try using the color that is least represented in your palette (as pictured here in the logo of the polo) and find a way to bring it out elsewhere as Jazze did with his choice in sunglasses. 

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