Friday, July 27, 2012

The X-Stylez Styles for a Vacation Destination: What to Wear on a Cruise

Tuesday of this week, I was contacted via email by a new client (reader of the blog) who was looking for something to wear on a cruise he was taking with his girlfriend in mid-October. The purpose of the requested outfit was for an "All White Affair" the boat was throwing during their stay. He was wanting to switch up his style completely and after looking through his facebook pictures to get a better sense of his personal style, I knew I had the elements to compile a comfortable outfit that was indeed out of his normal element of dress, but stayed within his comfort zone. My first thought was, wouldn't it be fly to do a short suit with comfortable espadrilles? You definitely don't want hard bottoms shoes on a cruise when the purpose is to relax. 

Due to the fact that I shop very frequently (don't we all?) I knew exactly where to go to get the look I envisioned (more so because I had been looking at all the pieces for myself envisioning  different wardrobe components for others occasions). Check out the breakdown of the outfit below that was styled within 48 hours on a budget of $250.

 Joe Fresh- short suit

I love the fact that these shorts can be adjusted to your size for a more tailored look! 

 H & M- lapel flower

 Zara- printed lien palm tree shirt

 I really want this for myself. It reminds me of Polo Ralph Lauren Resort Collection or the new Givenchy floral printed collection from this summer. I just may need to run out and get this today (lol).

After selecting this shirt, I had the color palette in mind of the navy and white mixed with mustard and a pop of crimson. 

  H&M- crimson belt

 H&M- espadrilles and woven bracelet 


Ready to be shipped off!

My new client will be the flyest person at the affair #FACT!

You too can partake in my styling services by going to and filling out my personal shopper form. I contact all inquires back within 24 hours. For all other questions, feel free to email me at 

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