Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blogger Spotlight: New Age Lumberjack

The modern day lumberjack isn’t chopping down a tree trunk with an axe. This new aged lumber jack is the cool kid on the block in striking buffalo plaid. Buffalo check plaid is the name for a pattern of large square checks in two alternating colors. This combination of plaid has been around since 1850 when Woolrich Co. began making buffalo check shirts and jackets made of flannel. Buffalo plaid is one of those everlasting styles in men’s fashion that seem to cross eras throughout time. Depending on your personal style this plaid assortment can lend to its traditional elements of a tough guy role or be dressed up for a nicer guy approach. Check out my post on Men Go Mad About Plaid for additional plaid looks.

Today I decided to style my buffalo plaid to match the colors of a toboggan I got on sale at Urban Outfitters for $5.99. I blended its army green color with my ExpressMen Cargo Pants. I found this shirt last year when browsing the sale rack at PacSun for $9.99 and knew when looking at the sale racks in Urban (my gulity pleasure) last week this flannel Staple Ford laptop bag I snagged for $9.99 would match.

To keep the lumberjack feel I paired it with a pair of black military boots I got from a Nashville, TN army surplus store for $29.99. To add an additional style element, I layered assorted bracelets and tucked my pants inside my socks to bring attention to my boots. These socks are actually leg warmers, but if worn right you would never know (styling tip). 

Buffalo plaid has been in the trend market for a while crossing the runways from Marc Jacobs to Roberto Cavalli's 2010 Menswear Collection. I first remember seeing it in Ralph Lauren campaigns as a child and remember being fascinated by the pattern.

Celebrities in buffalo plaid (additional styling options)

Charlamagne The God of NYC Power 105 The Breakfast Club

Timothy Olyphant breakout star of Justified.

Try coming up with your own trend reports of buffalo plaid and send them in... who knows it might just get posted!

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