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Travis Sylvester: On the Cutting Edge of Art and Fashion

Old School vs. New School: The Bow Tie epidemic.  Yesterday I blogged about Moziah Bridges, a 10 year old bow tie designer from Memphis, TN. Today learn about Travis Sylvester, a bow tie designer from New York who appreciates vintage fashion, art and all things on the cutting edge. 

Travis Sylvester, New York City style expert.  

Now I first met you and your brother in Indiana celebrating 100 years with our fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi. You guys stood out for your keen sense of style. When mentioning you were from New York City, it all made sense. 

Describe your style. Would you say street? contemporary? classic? 
My style is like cowboys and aliens ...old meets new no rules

 What inspired you to make bow ties?

Bow ties was just the beginning. I love them but I could rarely ever find one I  love, I'm into whimsical prints, classic patterns and textile.

You guys have a lot of selection with different textures and print when it comes to your bowties. When looking through your collection I was mostly impressed by the elements that weren't normal bow tie material like fur, velvet, tweed, linen and so forth. What would you say makes your collection so different? 

All our bow are artfully inspired.

I was definitely impressed by the cuts of your bow ties. I purchased one of your hour glass cuts and I've worn the heck out of it. To explain to the viewers for promotional purposes, what other cuts of bow ties do you have? 

4 hour glass shape, 2 diamond head, 2 bat wings, 2 pointed, 1 Kernel, 1 Audley.

Since being in the hustle of NY and selling your bow ties have you ever run into a celebrity client?

All the time: Seth Rogan, Danny Glover, Dwayane Wade, Chris Rock, Amare Stodumire, Carmelo Anthony, list goes on......

Wow, that's exciting how did that come about?

I'm a man about town (laughs)

I'm sure you get a lot of customers who still may question wearing bowties or don't know what's suitable for them. What do you look to achieve with each purchase in helping pick out the perfect bow tie for customers?

 I don't. I never do an aggressive sell, this brand is for people that know and appreciate quality.

Good answer. What inspies you when designing your bowties? 

Life and all its splendor. Art is any shape or form that it may come.

What would you say is your favorite bow tie from your collection and why? 

Harrison that's like asking a father of 3 whose his favorite child. 

You have a point there because it took me over an hour just to pick one. 

Kingston 21 bow tie I purchased during Kappa Alpha Psi Conclave, 2011.

You guys sell vintage blazers as well. Why vintage and not contemporary? 

Vintage and antiques are my life. I've been doing it for years. I buy collect cuff links, sell clothing furniture, art, home decor, and all sorts trinkets from domestic and abroad.

These vintage links are part of Sylvester's collection. 

Where can your bow ties be purchased?

So the official launch of the site will be during NYC fashion week winter 2012

I'll be letting you know when the official launch hits! In the mean while stay tunned!

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