Saturday, January 21, 2012

Patchwork: How to make your own home-made patch

Denim jackets are a must have staple item for any mans closet. The comeback of denim jackets became really popular in 2011 and aren't going anywhere in this new year. They literally can go with any causal outfit you've created, and when thrown on can add that extra street style credibility. Today I wanted to show you how you can create your own home-made patch by using "the item of the week" for your denim pieces

One of my all time favorite hip-hop groups is Run DMC. Back in the 80's they paved the way for hip-hop and made a stamp in fashion. Their causal street style is still relevant in today's fashions and some may argue that the group are legendary fashion icons. 

Step 1: To start making the home-made patch,  I took one of my favorite Run DMC tees and cut out the main graphic, leaving a small margin surrounding it for pinning purposes.

Step 2: I used "the item of the week" to pin the edges of the graphic on one of my everyday go-to denim Levi's jackets. Pictured up top is another OBEY ring from my collection. This ring retails for $34.00. If you want to get your hands on one, it can be purchased HERE at Urban Outfitters. 

After pinning the corners and sides of the graphic here is the finished product. Really simple right? Making homemade patches are really easy and can take you less than 10 minutes to achieve. Try other pieces of clothing like denim vests, leather jackets or other graphic tees. 

On the front portion I added buttons and utilized "the item of the week" as a pendant.

This entire week I've dedicated my posts to the safety pin evolution. Hopefully, I've inspired you to run to your local drugstore and pick up a box and get to utilizing them for some pieces in your closet. Remember: GET CREATIVE!


  1. Niiiiiiiiice! Great design on the denim jacket! :)

  2. Thank you Miss Tasha, now you know what you can get your boyfriend for his birthday ha ha!