Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Male Safety Pin Fashion

In most traditional families safety pins were used to keep diapers together and in some old-fashioned homes this may still apply. In the fashion world safety pins stand as a statement of rebellion, and for men it screams "Bad Boy" to our female counterparts. The punk movement has overthrown the traditional uses of the safety pin and have made it a statement piece used as a newer form of embroidery. In street style you are bound to see a few pins embedded in leather and denim jackets, pierced through graphic tees and holding together cut up pieces of clothing. Stay clear of metal detectors when wearing "The item of the week".

The male safety pin epidemic has made its way to noted designers like Alexander McQueen who's 2011 MCQ by Alexander McQueen fall collection encompassed multiple safety pins in everyday clothing like denim vests, leather jackets and sweat shirts.

 The spiral detail on this MCQ jacket is pretty much certified ---- DOPE!

 You too can purchase some of McQueen's safety pin collection.

This shirt retails for $189.00 at Saks 5th Ave. Its signature touch elevates the standard sportshirt with safety pins that line the collar to add a punk edge to a crisp cheeked design.

Also, this spread collar MCG can be  purchased at SSENSE for $310.00. It too has gunmetal tone safety pin detail around the collar. Other additional elements of this shirt: white signature stitching at chest, two button cuffs. shirttail hem, tone on tone stitching and 100% cotton that is machine washable.

Here are some additional safety pin fashion ideas. Remember patience + SAFETY is key!

Try lining the sleeves of your favorite denim jacket. You can also combine it with studs for additional metal detail.

This makes me proud to me an American. *Drops mouth to the floor in awe* Try outlining a graphic.

 Try making a shape or forming a picture.

Try cutting shapes and re-pinning them back together. I think this concept would be really cool in the middle and on the back of a denim jacket with larger safety pins.


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