Friday, January 20, 2012

Blogger Spotlight: Paying homage to "THE GREAT" Alexander McQueen

Earlier this week I talked briefly about the 2011 MCQ by Alexander McQueen fall collection in my male safety pin fashion blog post. Inspired by the collection and "the item of the week", I decided to do a little designing of my own! I'm infatuated with blazers and even more intrigued by tuxedo jackets. So this morning I used 400 safety pins to embriod the lapels of a simple black dinner jacket. Patience is key, and after some uninvited tension in my thumbs and index fingers this only took me and hour an a half to create. 

Although it may appear that the un-uniformed safety pins were just placed on the lapel, there was a method to the madness.

Step one: I used a series of "X" patterns throughout the design. The over-under effect allows the metallic of the pins to appear heavier than what they really are. 

Step 2: Like step one, I used a series of of 3 pin combinations that overlapped each other.

Step 3: I used a series of 4 pin combinations (and the numbering of patterns continued to increase in chronological order). By standing the smaller gold pins on their sides, it allows the effect of the pins to look 3D.

Here's an angle to show the 3D effect. When trying this on various pieces in your wardrobe, I suggest using different sized safety pins. This way it brings a more dramatic focus on the article of clothing you are spotlighting.

I completed this look by meeting the heads of the safety pins near the back seam on the lapel.

Here are some additional pictures of the dinner jacket:

I styled this stylish jacket with simple accessories: White wide collar dress shirt, black satin skinny tie, black slim jeans and fitted black tuxedo shoes.

As far as jewelry, I decided to go with an OBEY ornate gold ring, gold large faced watch and a gold and silver shamballa bracelet to match the mixed safety pins. 

In the upper right corner notice that I used only one extra large safety pin. As highlighted early this week in my  safety first blog post, I utilized this pin as a brooch. 

RIP Lee Alexander McQueen (March 1969-February 2010). Your in depth knowledge of bespoke British tailoring and visionary ideas have sparked creativeness and appreciation for the essence that is fashion across the world. Your designs will continue to be prevalent in fashion for many years to come. Thank you. 



  1. love this post! & love the OBEY ring:)

  2. Thank you! I have 2 OBEY rings and I wear them as much as I can... stay tunned for my post today, I will feature my other one! Thanks again for reading!

  3. Safety pins, huh? I gotta jacket that has gotten to small for me (denying the fact that I've gain weight). I'm sure if I cut in some areas, giving my room to move freely, and add safety pins it'll look alright. I might do this.

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