Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Men go MAD about PLAID

As we are in the transitional months between fall to winter and back from winter to spring, one pattern that is sure to go with any type of weather is; PLAID.  Getting its popularity from the modern kilt, this pleated material has transitioned in the US as a premiere/ flashy statement piece among men who want to switch it up from a traditional solid color. You may also hear plaid referred to as madras (a lightweight cotton fabric with typically patterned texture and plaid design, used primarily for summer clothing) in the hotter months and flannel (typically a napped cotton texture which generally is coarser than the warp) in the colder ones. To give a brief history, plaid has been made since the 17th century. This textile product is most popular from being made from cottons and friezes.

After reading this post I know your dying to pull all your plaid from your closet and start compling outfits, just remember this VERY IMPORTANT tip: Don’t be afraid of color! If you want to switch it up, mix traditional patterns with your plaid garments to give it a fresh look for the season. I personally enjoy fall color stories in the fall and winter months. Refer to my Blogger Spotlight Post if you are wanting to go all out when mixing your patterns and prints with plaid. Below, I styled a shoot to give you a better visual of the things you can do with your plaid garments. 

For Men-On-The-Go your traveling bag is just as important as your ensemble so make sure they coordinate. Utilizing your pop color in your attire to accent your bag is a genius thing to do to pull your look all together (thank me later when your compliments start to roll in).

Also when mixing your patterns I suggest to add an additional element to your outfit. Throw in an argyle or patterned sock that is not plaid to compliment your outfit. This way when you sit down you draw your audiences’ eye right down to your socks and right back up to your outfit to see how they coincide with your signature plaid piece.  

Here are some additional options when mixing your sock patterns with "Cross Plaid" tie choices

As you can see there are several things you can do with plaid when utlizing your own wardrobe. Get creative, have fun and remember...... Kids Go Mad about Plaid too.

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