Friday, May 4, 2012

[Feature Friday] Juliet's Pocket Squares

I was referred by a fellow X-Stylez reader to check out a lady down south in the heart of Memphis, TN that makes mens pocket squares. Before meeting with her, I wasn't sure what a store full of pocket squares would bring. I mean pocket squares just need to be in one single section but not take up an entire store right? Well, Juliet has convinced me to change the way we have been conditioned as consumers to shop for pocket squares. Just like going to an all apparel or shoe store, squares are just as important as the clothes you put with them. Take a look at our interview below. 

What is it about the male pocket square that infatuates you?

It is the presentation & the view that the people get when viewing it inside a jacket. It's also the thought behind the appearance of the pocket square.

Ideally, what was the purpose of opening Juliets Pocket Squares?

The purpose was to give people more than one choice of style and pattern. To teach them how to wear a pocket square in the correct fashion and the correct way to stabilize the pocket square.

      Speaking of stabilizing, I’ve talked on my blog in past posts on different ways to wear pocket squares. Most commonly by “tucking the fabric in and blousing it out” in a rounded shape or "folding the material and squaring it off". What are some other styling suggestions you have for wearing a pocket square?

Some of my techniques and styles are very easy.
a. The press and fold style that presents the pocket square double sided.     
b. The next technique is that u can shake it out, but make sure you put a rubber band or piece of elastic to hold it in the pocket to fit your personal style and comfort.  

Let's talk about your materials. What types of fabrics do you use most commonly use to design your pocket squares?

The most common fabric I use when designing my pocket squares is cotton. Cotton fabrics are easier to stay in place, they look better and its just like a good made cotton shirt.

What are some of the various styles of pocket squares you carry?

I carry plaid, stripes, polka dot, and a variety of other colors and patterns that show character.

     When envisioning a pocket square design, do you ever experience any complications when exploring fabric stores to find the perfect materials to complete your vision?

Sometimes I do, but in many cases you have to think out the box and be creative. I don’t let it stop me because my creative mindset is at a level where it comes to me natural. So finding fabric isn’t too difficult but it can be a hassle at times.

What inspires you?

You have designers all over the world who are creative and we all have similarities but we also have our differences. So once again my creative mindset kicks in and I came up with something that has style and is unique. My inspirations come from my style of dress and how I see others dress. I like to be different, so when I create something I try to keep it to a minimum so that a lot of people want have it. They can feel good about being the only one that has it. I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!!

Adding to the dynamic of your designs, another style I’ve noticed is your reversed pattern handkerchiefs. I would say that is ingenious within itself to get two for the price of one, and although it may seem like a simple concept, I haven’t noticed it in main stream department stores. What other types of unique designs do you house for giving men various styling options, and what's your take on sales associates being personal shoppers?

First off, every sales person is not a stylist. When u walk into these stores to buy something, the sales person just wants to make a sale. In many cases they would tell you it looks good, just so that you can buy it and that they can make a sale. When people walk into my store I become their personal stylist. When u dress someone it compliments you and your style of fashion. People like to look good when they go out and it makes them feel good when they are complimented. When you style someone you should take it personal and listen to your client or customer. Combine ideas and come up with what’s best for them. Everybody doesn’t know how to dress so when they come to you have to be able to help them and teach them the various styles of fashion based on their character and what is in style and not in style. In the fashion world their does and don’ts. My Pocket Squares are also located in James Davis of Memphis; Oak Hall has carried them, and me, Juliet’s Pocket Squares.

      Well, I must say that I am EXTREMELY impressed with the visual presentation of your store. Your merchandise is very clean and your color stores are impressive. Not only is this just a store filled with pocket squares, but I see a host of ties with revisable knot covers, cufflinks, dress shirts (please add in all the other things you sell in your store). For this spring based on your stores merchandise, what would you say would be the perfect dress outfit to wear out when wanting to impress a lady for a date?

I sell cravats, suits, bowties, blazers, tie pins, suspenders, card stock pocket squares, lose pocket squares & more. Now when you’re going on a date you want to take with a nice young lady to a place where you can feel intimate, get to know each other a little bit. You want to feel the vibe between you two. Now you don’t have to wear too much in the spring. Something cool such as a nice blazer, with a button down polo shirt. Pair of nice fitted slacks or jeans with a pair of loafers and of course a Juliet’s Pocket Square. That’s something not to flashy but its shows a sign of style and sophistication.

Tie covers 

     (Laughs) Nice Plug!!! I really appreciate your efforts in men’s fashion. I think your views and conceptions are important because from a women’s perspective you know how you want a man to dress and what he should look like. I must admit, when first hearing the name of your business, I wasn’t sure how appealing a store with JUST pockets squares would be. You’ve proved not to judge a book by its cover. After seeing your detailed work, I’m a believer! I often go to fabric stores to find interesting patterns because when looking in the suit stores not only are the prices points too high for a piece of fabric but in my opinion often times the designs are boring and not challenging in color. Lastly, why do you feel it is important to for a man to accessorize?

I feel it is in important to accessorize because without accessories you look flat. It’s just like when you’re cooking. If you don’t season your food then it has no taste to it, it has no flavor. Accessories bring out the flavor in your outfit. When you add accessories it complements your style of dress. Accessories bring out the attire in a man’s style of dress as well as a woman. A pocket square compliments the suit or even a blazer if you just want to wear that. Accessories are very important and without them you have nothing. 

Here is the square that stood out to me the most! I used in a promotional shoot for my website. Believe me it wasn't easy to choose.

Be sure to check out Juliet's Pocket Squares
Address: 8081 East Shelby Dr. Suite #102 Memphis , TN 38125   
Store Number: (901) 654-3776


  1. I absolutely LOVE these pocket squares! Such creativity and all of the patterns are unique. I will be buying some of these items for my collection.

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