Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gourmet designs shoe for Jay-Z --The 22 L “Brooklyn Nets” Edition

West Coast footwear brand Gourmet has unveiled a special sneaker for none other than hip hop mogul  Jay-Z, honoring the Nets’ historic move to Brooklyn.The shoe is  dressed up in a sleek black colorway with the new Nets logo on the upper tongue and specialized Goyard fabric on the back, along with Jay-Z’s name. Key detailing comes in the form of tonal laces and expert stitching that gives way to a small “Gourmet” label just above the white soles. While there is no word on a release date, many speculate that the 22 L “Brooklyn Nets” is a one-off edition. Goyard is a very exclusive brand that does little marketing so we shall see.

I'm sure they will sell out just because of the cause, but I'm personally not feeling them. What do you think?

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