Friday, May 18, 2012

[TREND WEEK] Day 5 :It takes a REAL MAN to wear Leopard

Yes, it takes a REAL MAN to where leopard. Welp this is a touchy subject but hopefully after this post lives will be changed (lol). 

Fashion icon Kanye West broke the ice when he was spotted in a GIVENCHY gabardine leopard bomber jacket for the second time recently on BET hit music countdown show 106 and Park. I thank Ye for taking this risk and finally bringing light to a controversial print some would classify as un-masculine. Remember the age old debate: Should real men wear pink? Well, pink disagree or not is just a color and with fashion powerhouse prep brand-names like Polo Ralph Lauren continuing to incorporate the the color in their collections, it is now more worldly acceptable. 

Terrance J was also spotted on 106 and Park in a leopard WESC track jacket.

Rappers like Drizzy Drake have also embraced the growing trend. He was spotted on the set of a video wearing a Supreme x North Face Leopard nupste puffer jacket. 

Mentor to Drake, Lil' Wayne has also been spotted court-side in leopard.

If you are still on the fence about this print, start small. Celebrities like Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Carmelo Anthony and D Wade have all rocked leopard sneakers. 

Sneakers pictured above:

 Christian Louboutin 

  Christian Louboutin 

Jeremy Scott


As for us trendsetters, we need no convincing that REAL MEN in fact "do" wear leopard. We know that if no one takes risks, how will male fashion ever advance? But to help those who may want to try this trend but are not sure how to wear it, I put together some visual concepts with a few friends of mine:

Still debating? I'm just saying, if Diddy can wear leopard I know you can (lol).

Take that, take that! I know accepting leopard on a unanimous vote will only take time, but just remember fashion is forever evolving. What we deem appropriate attire for either gender will continue to change. 

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