Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gucci City Series Collection– London

Have your passports ready, the newest addition to the limited Gucci City Series Collection brings you to London. Featuring all that you will need for the brief stop-over – a large leather duffel in place of the cumbersome luggage, leather tote for a brief excursion around the town, plus mobile carrier and high top sneakers, all donned with blacken skyline silhouettes of London against a backdrop of white. Completing each design are accents in blue, green, red, and yellow inspired by the 5 rings of the Olympic Movement. The collection also comes with a G-Timeless Sport watch  and Gucci branded sunglasses featuring the unmistakable London skyline. All will be available in the coming months at your nearest Gucci boutiques.

Via: FreshnessMag

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