Monday, May 14, 2012

[TREND WEEK] Day 1: Men's Nautical Fashion

Chip ahoy mateys! All aboard. Nautical inspired fashion is a classic trend that reemerges every season just in time for the spring and summer. The best way to depict this palette dead on is to pull out your reds, whites, yellows, navys, stripes, polka dots, paisley prints and anchors.

Some key elements you will need to achieve the nautical look are:

Striped Tees (crew or V)- These can be found at American Apparel for $22.00

 Khaki pants or shorts

 White or light Denim pants (preferably cuffed with no socks)

Navy blue light weight double breasted jacket (single breast can work for and optional look)

 Color watch bands that fit within nautical color palette. 

Windbreaker in one of the nautical color schemes. This one is on sale at Urban Outfitters for $49.99

 Chambray shirt- This can be found at Old Navy for $20.00. 

 Boating shoes or Loafers. This shoe can be found at Sperry's online store for $175.00. (preferably worn with no socks)

Canvas sneakers. These stylish kicks can be found on Keds online store for $45.00 (Vans are a great alternative).

 Nautical themed belt. This can be purchased at Brooks Brothers for $68. 
(Your belt choice can also be solid or stripped to bring together your outfit. Try to play around with color and possibly introducing yellow (gold) or green.

 Anchor Jewelry. This awesome piece can be found at Pier7craft for a whooping $6.50 (another great etsy shop---don't all order at once, I haven't purchased mine yet lol)

Captain's hat. (Go all out) These can be found all day at Military surplus and navy flagship stores. Also try discounted Halloween online stores.

Anything with a crest or nautical symbols on it. I found these great buttons at How Nice  for $6.00 (Online etsy shop).

Play around with color and texture. Seer sucker and linen are also other essential elements to link with a nautical inspired outfit.

Take a look at some visual concepts below:

If your a one stop shop kind of guy try Target's Webster Miami Collection

Navy Blazer with Gold buttons- $49.99 (Collar flips up to white and blue strips. The buttons on the sleeve are actually usable and look great cuffed for a more relaxed look.

White khaki pants- $29.99

Long sleeve navy and white stripped crew neck tee- $19.99


  1. The navy blue jacket and grey slim pants =fly as hell!

  2. Hands down one of my favorite styles that you've posted. Thank you for verifying this, I knew this was in.

  3. Have always loved the Nautical look and those bracelets, especially the one with the anchor is good as mine. If I buy all the bracelets, I'll be sure to send you one, maybe two for all that you've given me! Keep it up Harrison T. Crite and that's an order, not a suggestion!

  4. lol @Urban Chocolate I need to go on and order mine! I do want this one however, I've got my eye on one that I didn't post *crabs card*