Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[Trend Week] Day 3: Camouflage is the new Black

What you didn't know? Camouflage is the new black! IT LITERALLY GOES WITH ANYTHING. Throw your rule books and color wheels away because this season you don't have to keep fatigue with earth tones.

Camouflage and orange is my new combination for the spring.

 It doesn't take a world renowned fashion stylist to notice that this intriguing print has been showing up on several garments and accessories for your daily wardrobe consumption. The best part about it is... you don't even have to fight in a war to get your hands on this army inspired piece.

Take risks. Although there is nothing wrong with keeping it street, for additional options take the stylish approach to your fatigue from dressing it up with a pair of brogues to.....

Pairing them with a blazer and loafers. 

Although the most common and easily found item are camouflage pants, this season try incorporating the bold print in other facets of your wardrobe. For you visual concept people, here are a few ideas to completely murder (fashion terminology, not literal--lol) this trend:

Bag. This is NOT A MURSE (man purse) I repeat THIS IS NOT A MURSE. There is nothing wrong with carrying a bag. It's just that----a bag

Military Jacket. These styles are most commonly found at army surplus stores. 

Deltoro pony hair (I can stare at these for days)

A Bathing Ape and Mark McNairy

Shoes. These particular ones are by Polo Ralph Lauren. 

Button down. To get functional wear out of it, try pairing the shirt with a suit or rolling the sleeves up to appear shorter. 

 Tee shirt

Tie. This can be purchased at Forever 21 for $12. 

Pocket Square


Have fun mixing up your wardrobe with CAMOUFLAGE

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