Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[Trend Week] Day 2: Men in Tank Tops

Tank tops have become most popular these last few summers. Although they've been around for years, most recently tanks have been spotted on our favorite performers on stage and during appearances.  We've too begun to stock them in our drawers preparing for the hotter months. By the 4th of July, I predict this will be the top of choice. It's a GREAT go-to shirt that barely needs ironing (well in most cases). The very body conscious garment is the perfect covering if you've been in the gym and want to show off what the weights have produced or  give a brief glimpse of your body art. 

For those of you wanting to try this trend and don't know where to start, here's a tank starter kit brought to you by OohLaLa

A. Obey “Captain” tank  $36.00
B. Superb “Legacy” tank  $28.00
C. Mishka ” Death Adder” tank $32.00
D. Joyrich “Paris x3 Stripe ” tank $40.00
E. Rock Smth “OG” tank  $24.00

If you like the look but don't feel you have the body for it, try layering with a denim shirt or blazer. 

One of the most popular looks to wear with tanks are a snap back cap and camouflage shorts. Simple and stylish! 

Are you tankin' it?


  1. you like the look but don't feel you have the body for it, try layering with a denim shirt or blazer.

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